Being "Squishy" is not an excuse for ADC's power...

Most mages and assassins are very squishy as well and they don't get half the preferential treatment that ADC's do in items etc. Infact, Mages just took a massive nerf to their mana sustain in the game and before that had one of their UNIQUE items, and benefits of playing that class STOLEN by ADC's to spam freely... {{item:2423}}. So yeah, being "squishy" is no excuse for ADC's current level of power and the midseason "nerfs" (which are not even nerfs) will do nothing to change how beloved these champions are in Riot's mind. ADC's used to be like {{champion:22}}, vulnerable with no mobility or protection but now, thanks to power creep, we have ADC's with insane range and free crits {{champion:202}}, {{champion:145}}, or free mobility and even {{champion:105}}'s "troll poll", e.g. {{champion:498}}. So no, I don't consider being "squishy" a valid excuse for why ADC's get to be the most powerful champs in the game.
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