Tanks Suck another game that proves it

So I was playing Mundo full tank, with super armor and crazy hp and zed comes and almost kills me in less than 2 seconds (I ran to to my base to esccape) this is rediculous just another game that shows how much tanks suck no wonder no one wants to play them! The only reason tanks like Garen and Darius are op is cause of their damage while still being tanky. I know tanks are good early game and ok mid game but come late its gg for you, you are useless! Please we need an items that gives 35% more armor and an items that decreases all damage taken by 20%. The carries have ignore 35% armor so why should the tanks only have Frozen Heart,Randuins and NInja Tabis that is not enough to counter all those armor pen items which make your super tank feel like your playing a squishy. So Riot nerfed the armor items and made Garen and Darius etc op, now the true tanks are even worse than before.

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