Suggestion to make new urgot more like the old urgot

atm any skills synergies from urgot....maybe W with his passive. but Q, E and R are just boring and add nothing to his gameplay -W is clunky too- some people can remember the old urgot. you land your E and then you can poke your enemy out of lane with Q. I miss that. Now he has a stupid kit. Q does not enough dmg and has a long cooldown. W does only ~10% more dps than his autoattacks. his E is bullshit with a long cooldown. so my suggestion are to change him a little bit. first his passive: add "After every leg-shot the cooldown of your Q is reseted and the manacost is refunded" now his Q: add "15% dmg reduction" (old passive) add "a 'locked on' enemy reduces the cooldown of Q to 2s and it will autotarget your enemy and the range of Q is doubled." (like the old Q) his W: remove the slowing effect on urgot priotises always the nearest champion in range add "adds 0,5s per shot to the debuff 'locked on'" his E: remove the skill! new E: Urgot throws a hextech grenate at a location. the grenate needs ~1.25 to charge,before it datonates.It leaves a toxin on your enemy, makes them 'locked on' and deals dmg over time.
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