Enemy summoner names should not be visible/available until the game ends (at least for ranked games)

Haters gonna hate. _But then how do I look up my enemies' stats ?_ - well, you don't Riot recently posted this [Ask Riot](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/04/ask-riot-should-new-champs-be-disabled-in-ranked/) : > In the loading screen, why can you only see the champion masteries and borders for your teammates and not enemies? > --- >We limit the information exposed across teams prior to a match **because it can influence match outcomes** and make games less fun. > Information exposed to players before a game begins **anchors their perception** about how the match will play out and can change how they play. > [...] **can be intimidating** in a way that influences the end result of a lane. This is the exact same opinion I have had for a while, but I don't limit it to the loading screen border, I extend it to overall player stats. People are greedy for a bunch of other stats such as winrate and kda, which are just as much (if not more) influencing as the previous league rank. How many times have you seen someone in champ select talk about their (or a teammate's) previous season vs. their winrate/kda ? The ratio is 0 in my case. Hell, on some sites, the previous league is not even frontpage content, we jump straight to winrates, kda, and match history. In the end, i believe if you play a ranked game, it would be wiser to play it without making any assumption about your enemies. If you're facing a Viktor, it's nothing else but a Viktor as good as you, and you'll adapt your playstyle within the first minute anyways. --- Note (before someone says smth stupid) : the runes/masteries would be still available to look up from the current-game API, just remove the players' summoner ID.

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