The issue i find with balance of the game since last season

First of all, this isn't really "new" because they started using it last season ( especially since 5.16), but still, this needs to stop imo. This new stategy i am talking about is "buff strong points, nerf weaknesses" idea. I am playing since season 2 and what made me love LoL was "easy to play, hard to master" side. When i was fed up with assasins at season 4, i tried out DotA 2 and holy shit was that frustrating. The balance system in DotA 2 is everything is OP, therefore nothing is OP. The amount of CC and damage all heroes have on DotA 2 is just too much and game is balanced around this idea. Needles to say i couldnt keep playing DotA 2 because of huge numbers on abilities. However, since Riot started using this "nerf weaknesses" idea, LoL took a strange turn ,in terms of balance, in the direction of DotA 2.Champions generally tend to do a lot more damage then before even when they are tanks ( looking at you {{champion:223}} ) and this doesnt really leave a space for errors since you get deleted even if you are full tank.While mistakes getting punished is not a bad thing, this can be done without buffing everyone's damage. Tanks usually don't have much mobility to get out of stick situations, and squishies will still get deleted because they are squishy. Let's look at {{champion:122}} for example. He deals A TON of damage when not being kited and this is his strong point. But if you manage to kite him he feels so useless, that it isn't even funny. This and new champions with overloaded kits doesn't really alllow that "easy to learn, hard to master" side of LoL i used to love. If you are a new player you will not know you should kite {{champion:122}} , you will not know that you should kill or avoid {{champion:420}} 's tentacles if you are laning against her. If you dont do any of these they will just dominate the whole game. Therefore the game isn't really easy to learn anymore. However when you learn these small points about champions there isn't much to learn or discover about the game. Every game just feels the same, and boring after some games. While i don't have a suggestion on how to fix these issues, the game was so much fun before these balance changes were implemented, and i believe that Riot can go back to their old style of changes and stop balancing this game completely around competitive play. While most people who play ranked aren't even Plat, and a huge part of players don't even play ranked this type of balance just doesnt make sense. What are your opinions on this issue? Feel free to correct me if i made mistakes. Constructive criticism is much appreciated :)
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