League of Legends Classic

Hey summoners, I'm here to rant a bit, About the game that carried me through the hardest 8 years of my life, When I couldn't go to any family nor friend. I love it but it's barely breathing now. it looks empty and emotionless. It pains me in a weird way. It's not driving me insane with the amount of mechanical skill people show anymore. when I win a close game, I don't feel there is a bond between my teammates anymore. A bond that made me feel like the other 9 players are my family members, regardless of who wins. Now a days every champion is just numbers. who has the highest numbers? it doesn't matter what their kits do. it doesn't really matter if they have a dash with a stun, what matters are the numbers. It doesn't matter if you don't hit your spells early in the game as Morgana, you just have to cast that dumb shield on Yasuo. It doesn't matter if you are crap at laning, Doesn't matter if you don't know micro OR macro. just pick pyke it's literally impossible to punish you for anything. Aren't good enough to catch enemy ADC? just take Mordekaiser, point click ult and you already caught them. The gist is, back in the day, top lane and mid lane and ADC could carry games, now top lane is just one sided island, mid lane is under so much pressure from junglers with lots of early kill potential. and bot lane is about support wars. almost every support 1v1 enemy ADC if the support is ahead. Now it's all too much about numbers. It's impossible to figure out what made league stand out so much around 2012-2015. but maybe you can treat us to a season 2-5 balance game mode that comes around once in a while? with all the OP crap from back then, The sword of the Divine and DFG, no Ardent censer or Redemption. LB, Talon and Kassadin with silence. No wonder Riot numbers are falling down, back in the day, people could troll the heck out of games. Maybe give them the ability to troll in some way? Also a little fun fact about Riot and Tencent, Tencent completely bought Riot Games in 2015, which is probably the last actually fun season in league. Before they decided to kill balance and fun and instead make a system in which you keep playing so you can buy the cosmetics. Pyke skin coming next month? 6X the damage on his Q and ult, everyone will play him and eventually like to feel OP/good about themselves. I'm not sure who, but I think it was Tod Howard that said, "people like to do something that looks complicated and succeed in it. We are here to give them that and a bit of help". Hence dumbing down the Fallout games. Back then, it looked like Riot released skins for popular champs, Now they just manipulate the statics to sell the skins, mind you there is big difference there. On the other hand you have Blizzard and EA who have ended up dumbing down their games. Now Riot, maybe there is still a bit of love left for your consumers somewhere there. Please give us an old balance patch of league. I'll play again, and i'm sure, half of the people who are playing Fortnite and other games, will come back to league too, even if for a short while. Blizzard did it, and it looks like a success. You can do it better than they did. I'm up to debate further if anyone is interested, thanks for reading.
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