So basicly... I'm done playing preseason. Its only because of one thing, and yes its in the topic. #LeagueofThunderlords or well the useage of Thunderlords Decree basicly on every champion. So yeah I know the keystones are new and that Riot will try to balance them out before season 6. So here is my try to be contributional to something that makes me rage every now and then because it is simply overpowered. Thunderlords Decree is a keystone in the cunning tree and my best guess is that Riot made it so that it is viable to use as mages and as hybrids. However because of the ridiculous AD scaling it is more then viable on any champ. Especially because the hybrid penetration is right before it. On level 1 this gives 5,5 armor penetration and 3,3 magic penetration. Thunderlord's Decree is magic damage and the basic damage on level 1 is 10, however it also includes 30%(!!) from your bonus damage, and 10%(?) from your bonus ability power. In most cases I've seen this this is a free 100 secured damage on level 1. On champions like Rengar (not sure of the build or runes) I've seen him deal 250ish damage on level 3, after his normal combo of attacks. This to me doesn't make sense. Even if you want to make the game more fast paced why make it so that certain (especially AD) champions can now take 1/3rd of your HP with one fast combo?? And for me the real problem is... its undefendable because of the hybrid penetration... I would really recommend for Riot to look at this again, ok they want more diversity in League. So they want better options for hybrid playstyle. But how I see it is that Thunderlords Decree gives less and less variety because its so strong. Lately I am almost all the time in a game where at least half the players uses Thunderlords Decree. My best suggestion for this is to either downscale the AD ratio on Thunderlords or remove it completely and downscale the armor penetration from precision. What I notice for myself is that in first I tried to explore the new keystones, figure what would be best for what champions. But lately what I found myself doing is the "If you can't beat them, join them" tactic and started using Thunderlords ranging from champions like Vel'koz to Illaoi....
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