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r/singedmains - Singed is trash tier s9
His early game is gone, his late game is gone. They also took the wind out of his mid game. he's literally useless this season. I had so much fun with him last season but they've taken the choc chips out of his biscuits so hard. They've pulled the bubbles out of his beer.
Hey! I'm here to talk about current state of the game. I want to state that I have been playing LoL since season 1 and playing it competitively since season 2. I have been maining top mostly and I'm writing mostly from that perspective. I have seen the rise and fall of the metas, champions and tons of changes during my years. All though the game has had it's flaws in every season I find this season still be the worst of them all. I have been almost always Diamond elo player on my career. I'm Singed main, but most of all I'm top main and main of the weird non-meta champions. I have always enjoyed playing off-meta champions during my LoL-career, whether it was Xin Zhao top, Heimerdinger top or even Evelyn top. Now I have been maining Singed last 3+ seasons due to his unique playstyle in the game. I'm finding this season to be extremely hard being top laner and being Singed. Singed is currently unplayable and unhealthy champion. I know Singeds winrate is about 50%, but many other Singed mains have also noticed this too. Singed doesn't have any keystones to fit his kit and the runes he enjoys are found on different trees. That's not all. Singed has been nerfed indirectly since the last season and in the pre-season HARD. Nerfing the runes and items which were somewhat essential on him: Time warp tonic, Celerity, Aery, Banner of Command and ZZ'rot. They sure reverted those direct nerfs to Singed, but the revert did not help him. Back in the seasons Singed had the opportunity to go Banner of Command when losing the lane hard or proxy, it made him unique. Now you can't build anything to win the lane except resistances, since the damage isn't an option when losing as Singed anymore cause there is too much damage in the game and he melts when building anything but resistances. Every top lane match up sucks. Singed loses almost every match up at top, and that is ok, since I find melee match ups to be fair and I find many counter play possibilities. But the MELEE VS RANGED match up is another thing. There is no way of farming, no way of trading or no way of building any items without money. The only way to win those lanes is to sit for gank. And this thing goes with every ranged top, mages and ADC's at top lane. With the current state of the game and rangeds getting more popular at top lane I find it very unfair and the game not enjoyable. Wish there was an item you could build as a melee to do anything in ranged match ups. It has been unfair match up and will always be. Last few champions Riot has made or reworked have been nuts and they outscale older champions by a mile. Every new champion has heal, cc, gap closers, immortality, op ultimate and propably can build damage and at the same time being a tank. This leaves majority of the champions outdated since they don't have those features. And most of all those new match ups aren't fun to play versus and you can't find any counter play versus them. The last straw for me was the Conqueror rework in upcoming 9.4 patch. It seemed like a dream come true for Singed but %%%% no. You actually have to proc it with different spells to get it 5 stacked and get the benefit of it which is impossible for Singed. Singed will stay bad, and I will keep losing because I want to play champions I enjoy playing with. In the other seasons you actually could play those off-meta picks at any lane, and it was fun and possible. Now you cannot win unless you abuse Conqueror or play some dumb boring tanks, since ADC's and Mages will melt you in 4 second anyway. There is way too much damage in the game and it is overwhelming. I posted the Reddit thread about Singed, if anyone is interested reading he summs up really well those thoughts what is wrong with Singed. I'm so tired. Maybe this truly is my last day with this game.
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