Butchers Bridge

Bilgewater: Burning Tides
While Twisted Fate and Graves have escaped, Bilgewater devours itself as the streets ring with the shrieks of the desperate and the dying. A war started by the spread of three words: Gangplank is dead.
Hello everybody. I wanted to talk about that i like the Butchers Bridge as Aram map. i hope this map will return when pyke is releast. but why isnt there an option to change the map in the options? or will this be a to hard to change option? i guess it is. and with the Black Market items. these items where cool and made some fun tricks and things in the game. maby they can add a new gamemode that is not random but a Draft. and in that way they can make a competetive butchers bridge gamemode. they can make some new summorer spells in this gamemode. like a cannon ball {{item:3902}} that does something i dont know. But what do you guys think of this? should they do this? or will this be an option that nobody will use and it dies? ~The Evil GemLord
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