Nerf Cinderhulk already...

Too op and obnoxious,because tank junglers do not sacrifce anything when they are itemizing full tank items,yet they still have massive damage in all stages in the game. So when i play adc i need like 3 items to alteast have a chance to kill a tank, meanwhile they only need cinderhulk completed and can kill anyone on the map without worrying that he will die or get bursted... Generally i dont have problems with tanks,like tanks are suposed to be tanky simple as that.but what i do have a problem is dat why a full tank jungler or tank toplaner with smite have more chance of killing the adc,than the adc itself? Even in this new tank meta,people are playing high early damage duelist junglers like Vi,Lee sin or Pantheon and they are building cinderhulk on them and it is so hard to kill them while they still have crazy early to mid game damage. So simple as that,just gut the freaking damage out of cindehulk and they can tanky as they like. And just a reminder on Forgiven thoughts on cinderhulk and tanks meta in his AMA on reddit back ago,so too see that its not only me who thinks that there is a balance problem in current meta right now...

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