People, get this into your mind

If your team has no tank, hard CC engage, etc but a early game snowball team. Then just %%%%ing use your 20k+ gold advantage you have grown to end the %%%%ing game. I've lost too many games where enemies just win late because they have 10 seconds of hard CC and our team is punch of squishies. Just last game for example: We had prob like 20-30k gold advantage (easy win right? no brainer...). Nope... bot lane constantly dying 2v5 in their base. Jungler and mid laner afk farm. Basically all of my teammates were just throwing and delaying the game. In the end we just lost because Enemy Yi got fed (I deleted him off the early-mid game @ top) and I couldn't even get more than single ability off simply because of insane CC chains ({{champion:79}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:99}}{{champion:64}} )
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