Ultimate Skins Adjustment

Just a small suggestion about all the Ultimate Skins. Firstly, it would be cool if DJ Sona's splash art when loading a game matched the Summoner icon instead of always being Kinetic (so if I have the Kinetic DJ Sona icon then her Kinetic splash art should show in the loading screen so they match). I don't know how the other ultimate skins work or if they have different icons as I only have DJ Sona but if they have different icons (like for Elementalist Lux's different forms then they should match in the loading screen too) Secondly, it would be cool if every ultimate skin came with a matching emote, or even if this emote is only unlocked if you have level 7 mastery with the champion or something like that. People who already have Ultimate Skins would get these retrospectively. Let me know what you guys think.

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