What is wrong with matchmaking ?? I'm flabergasted to be honest!

This is not a rant or a whinethread.. it may sound like one but it's just staved on facts. So why is Riot not trying to do something about it? It's getting out of hand to be fair. In all honesty, the players playing nowadays are legit LESS good than the players in previous seasons.. I don't want to seem negative by saying that, but looking at the amount of threads, and the games i've played on several accounts and several different elo ranges I think i can say that this is not an illusion but they straight out fact. The skill level is worse than before, the gamesense ISN'T EVEN COMPAREABLE anymore, thats how bad it is at this point. - There's not a single game i have played on this account that not had first blood before minute 3. - There hasn't been a game where ppl actually DID what they had to do. - There's not a single game where ppl KNEW what they had to do. So why on earth is there being done so little to improve from both player and RIOT to fix this? For example (if you want to see on opgg you can see it for yourself) The games is lose.. i lose insanely hard.. And i'm not gonna lie or deny, i've tilted in a few.. Not becuz of how good the enemy was but how insanely unskilled (on all fields of view) my team was. No matter where i wanted to go, they died before i could even get there.. we lost objectives cuz they died for no reason, or they just died cuz they had no gamesense or awareness.. I've turned off my chat since it's now possible, so when i unmuted chat and asked what was wrong and if they could actually stop for once and play safe all i got was 'stfu, and you know all the other shizzles that ppl say nowadays.." My will to keep on going is actually gone.. When i see stuff like this happen pre 10 minutes i will just stop playing from now on.. cuz there is no point in talking to ppl who refuse too listen or think they know better.. Ty Riot, for not doing jacksass to your pittyfull mmr system

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