How do I carry Gold?

So far my experience has been very negative. I climbed from silver 2 to Gold 3 in 3 Days and I cant get any further. It feels like, my teammates feed a lot harder than in silver. Like extremely harder. I have those games with 1 death per minute a lot and it is so extremely weird for me. Sure people know how to punish better, but this feeding is crazy. I cannot do full clears in my first clear because I do have to apply pressure as a Jungler. I have to be very careful to where I show myself because the enemy Jungler will punish me for that. When I gank a lane I cant get anything else but summoners. I lose in that trade because I give away my position and the enemy jungler can punish me for that. I usually have very solid KDAs but I cant win in this elo. What am I doing wrong?
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