Ranked Flex parties of 4

Hey up? What exactly is the truth behind this bs that parties of 4 cannot play Ranked Flex? I mean if we don't have a 5th player at the moment either one of us should not play or we must play something different than ranked, because Satan forbid if we have 1 random player in our party of 4. What's the idea behind the need to have 2 randoms in my party rather than one? I get it why you need two different ranked queues. Someone did not wanted to ruin their ranked status and had the brilliant idea to ask Riot to make a second ranked queue to fulfill his needs so he can play with his lowbie friends. It's a neat idea, but then again nothing makes sense on why a party of 3 can play Flex, but a party of 4 is forbidden. I know what you'll say, a party of 3 can be matched with a party of 2 in Flex and the queue won't be as long, but the again you have these challenger players that wait for like 40 to 120 minutes in queue to find a party in Solo/Duo. Your matchmaking system is broken anyways, so I don't think that party of 4 will have to wait a lot before being matched. And I say that it's broken, because probably everyone here experience being matched with complete idiots that troll, int feed or simply say that they are going afk, buy items that they don't need, refuse to communicate and/or fight in team fights etc.. And the reason we are matched with them is that they are on our level (Riot's words). How exactly my top lane tank, who already has 3 magic resist items versus full AD team is on my level? How exactly is that Jinx that builds attack speed items one after the other and in same time maxes her Q for more attack speed on my level? How am I farming on my turret, being ganked by the enemy jungler to be forced even further back and in same time my jungler needs 20 minutes to come to my lane (usually top) and then that person is ON MY LEVEL? I cannot accept that. And on promotions the matchmaking is deliberately set to match you with people even worse than described so you can have a 1/mil chance to win them. We get these tips on loading screen to not tilt and even if you have int feeders in your team to actually play, because you see you are still a team. How can we play as a team, when people don't want to? How can you not tilt when being matched with those? Seriously, Riot, stop revealing new champions and skins, to fulfill that void made by greed and work on fixing things, because you just released a new skin for Illaoi, but I bet you still haven't fixed the bug where her "W" doesn't activate the nearby tentacles, including from her ult. A better and enjoyable gameplay will result in donations by even more people, but we haven't seen that since what? Season 4?.. Epic.
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