Carry its impossible

(Sorry for my english i know its bad).Im plat 3 2000 mmr at this point i though carry plat will be more easy but.. its the same as silver and gold. I like the game i wanna climb and i try evryday to do better but its like i fail. I dont blame cuz i know wont help. My team enemy team i know i can outplay them easily big problem is its a team game 5v5 not 1v1 so.. i need some help right. In my opinion climbing is more luck if youre team win its not because they better just more luck or counter pick etc.I didnt see good players in plat even diamond not even 1.Last game was like in 5 mins my top fed 5 kills in plat eh..mid same bot same so i start snawball hard killing the enemy very easy and fast pushing etc.. but like always was a 1v5 game and without some1 to help me its really hard to do it. If i dont carry no 1 will thats the truth.Evry game i win i always do something good but i have a team that at last supports me with something.So the point is if you dont have luck you cant win? Because i dunno what to do more to stop them feding and play safe or to play like a team or something. I dont rage i dont say nothing if not they will qq afk etc like kids. Its plat not bronze so ppl should be better no? Im just afraid to see how is diamond.So if you can help me plz tell me what i wrong and how better i must be or its only luck because thats what i feel now only luck.
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