league is missing a few thngs..

Riot, you guys are heading into the 10th season of League, and, I'm still kind of disappointed with it. Now, am I saying that the game is all bad? No, but you really need to start adding some more ''fun'' to it to shake things up. Bringing back urf is a good start , but please, for the love of god, here are some ideas that I think would DRASTICALLY help the game be more fun 1' BRING BACK THE TRIBUNAL Little explanation needed here, but really, this was the way to actually sort off real toxicity and inting, shit talking on it's own shouldn't be bannable, we need CONTEXT , not a %%%%ing random robot 2- Legacy League%%%%vers Now, I know that you are working on other stuff at the moment, but would it be so bad if you were to try this at least once a year or so? I'd wish this would be a perma mode, but that's asking you guys too much, I know. Like, you're making so much revenue out of the game as it is, why not throw us a REAL freebie , huh? 3- Off meta picks Listen, not all of us are patch note warrriors, alright? Believe it or not, a lot of us are casual players who come here for fun, and not necessarily want to be the next faker. I'm not saying every patch, or even every 3 patches, but how about, once every 5 patches or so, you go out of your own way to make off meta actually viable? that would really give lots of life to league 4-Just because something isn't popular, doesn't mean you should just straight up delete it.. Twisted Treeline, Nexus blitz, one for all, dominion,old champions, the list is endless... To conclude, I'm not flaming you riot, I just want season 10 to be the best %%%%ing season ever, and I think with these implemented, you could become a%%%%l powerful force, please consider... Yours truely, Jaroucobitheone

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