Talon or Fiora?? Wich 4.8k ip champion is more worth trying??

So to start this... Im close to 4800 IP, and my idea was to buy fiora... But then i saw some YT videos of Talon and i started to play him a bit in Blood Moon... I know i know, both of them are in the free week rotation, but i already played both and i really liked both of them... Both fit my type of play style... The thing is, i can only buy one for now... So wich of them you would recommend me?? I know i know, fiora is really good duelist... Talon is really good assassin... Both have different playstyles, both have different strenghts and weaknesses... But wich one of them is more fun to play?? (not really sure about this) Fiora will get (or already got, dont remember) some nerfs... So that makes me doubt a bit...
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