Riot fix your matchmaking algorithm

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Games like [these]( are becoming increasingly common. No it is not statistically fair to place a Silver 4 in a team facing 4 Gold players. That's an ENTIRE TIER difference! If I was that silver player, I wouldn't be having much fun at all. Same for the players trying to carry said silver player. MMR needs to be removed from the game. Stop making it harder for people to win games just because they win 3+ games in a row. No, a platinum player on a 5 game loss streak isn't equal to a gold player on a 7 game win streak. Players should be matched purely on the basis of their division (+ / - 2 divisions at most). This is ridiculous! How are you supposed to climb like this? That's like trying to outrace an ATV with a 2-person bicycle. /rant
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