My love/hate relationship with Taliyah

So, first of all: I love the champion. I love the theme, I love the skills, I love the skin which was added on release, I love the playstyle, I even changed my goddamn name because I love this champion. I've spammed her since release and I never had that much fun with a new champion since the release of Vi. And because of all that, it hurts me more than a kick to the balls to say: {{champion:163}} sucks. While I never had more fun with a new champ, I also never encountered more hatred in my games. People were saying over and over again that the champion sucks and is completely useless. And after playing her in like 40 games (accidentally even rankeds, which I first noticed after I already fucked my w/l ratio), I'd like to share my thoughts on the champion with you. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe my thoughts are used in future balancing of the champ: **Why Taliyah sucks** **1. Wasted Ground:** This mechanic is complete nonsense and I'm not sure who had the idea. While I do understand that there have to be some drawbacks since the ability basically has a 120% AP Scaling if you hit all 5 rocks and only a 3 second cooldown at max rank, this mechanic fucks you all over in lane. You can basically harass the enemy 5 - 6 times depending on how you place your fields. Even in the jungle (where I mostly play her) you are more busy with thinking about where to place your Qs instead of watching the map and checking where you can gank. The 10% MS Bonus is abysmal and doesn't make up for the huge lack of damage you have. I lost more fights than i have should simply because I had to run away to a position which I didnt wasted already. This basically is the biggest reason why people say Taliyah has no damage. My idea: Reduce the duration of the wasted ground to like 60 seconds and improve the Q instead of weakening it. Make it like lissandras Q that it is able to shoot through minions with a bit a higher scaling, like 60%. That wouldn't solve her teamfightproblem enough, but at least she has a bit more presence in lane. **2. You have no powerspike:** While the ult is awesome in the jungle and rly fun to use - it's completely useless on lane. You can't do anything with it. That might remember you of someone: Shen. His lvl 6 is just as stupid, but his ultimate is global. He is able to help out everyone, taliyahs range on rank 1 is ridiculous and you can't work with it properly. On lane, at lvl 6, everyone will just play extremely aggressive against you since they know you are not a bigger threat than you were earlier. Right now, you cannot use the ult on lane, not even for escaping since taking damage will abort the travel on the wall. My idea: Make it deal damage if the wall hits someone. While I do understand terraforming is a extremely powerful form of CC, when you gank, you will mostly place the wall far behind the enemy to cut him off. But in lane, you cannot use the ability right now because it does nothing besides taking 10 years for the animation to finish. If it would deal damage, you could maybe engage a fight with it. **3. The passive:** This passive has basically no impact as a laner. Really good as a jungler, useless as laner. While I do appreciate the fact that riot goes back to the "easy" passives which actually are PASSIVE instead of fiora "passives", this ability has 0 impact if you are not jungling. Of course, you can say: "But you can push and then roam!". This is correct in theory, but in fact, you can't push because your Q can only push 2 waves until the ground is filled with funny "fuck you taliyah" circles and you will get outpushed by everyone. The only chance to push as taliyah is maxing the E as laner, but that gives you almost no 1v1 potential and is also pretty risky against most champs since the Q has a bigger range. My idea: Make it also work in the fight. Why only outside of it? Yes, you are extremely fast, but you always have to stay near a wall. Making sure to keep the passive bonus while aligning your abilities correctly in order to hit someone looks like a pretty difficult task for me which should be rewarded. **4. The ult cooldown: ** 160 seconds for a terraforming ability which does nothing else? Ok. Jarvan is laughing with his 120 seconds + 200 base dmg + 150 bonus-AD scaling. My idea: Decrease it drastically or follow the idea of nr. 2 That's most of what I can think of. As mentioned, I love the champ, but in his current state, he can barely be used in SoloQ unless you're the second coming of jesus christ. Which actually breaks my heart. I'm looking forward to your opinions, but pls, keep it somewhat friendly.^^ Nevertheless, I'll continue to spam her. :P
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