[Tool] Calculate the Blue Essences you'll have when Pre-Season hits live!

BE in Preseason w/ current Conversion
Sheet1 BE in Preseason, What is this about anyway?, TO USE: FILE→ MAKE A COPY| DON' T" REQUEST ACCESS"! Runes bought in Season 2017( any Runes bought after September 1st won' t get a refund!) Runes bought before Season 2017, BE, Total, Current IP, Current BE, BE Multiplier 6.
Hey, We Volunteers created a [Google-Sheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WrRArKvWxE17Vp4QLk2-a6tNyFpsxi1x030Nv7qSWAI/edit?usp=sharing) that allows you to calculate how much Blue Essences (BE) you'll have with the upcoming Preseason! Don't know what I'm talking about? Riot has [announced](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq2i6RDmbNc&t=0s) that soon IP will be replaced with Blue Essences (BE), Runes will be (somewhat) refunded & your current BE will be multiplied by 6.5 There will also be a ["Store Event"](https://riftscuttler.com/img/preseason8/blue_essence_store.jpg) that will take place for a few weeks with the replacement of IP - Limited Stuff, like Urfwick will be available to purchase (though certainly not cheap). Prices are not yet set in stone though. Of course you will have to fill in all the details into the [Sheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WrRArKvWxE17Vp4QLk2-a6tNyFpsxi1x030Nv7qSWAI/edit?usp=drive_web), but that's done rather quickly. Just click on "File" and then on "Make a copy" and start filling in :) Things to keep in mind: * The disenchant value (of Champ & Skin Shards) will be lowered from 33% to 20% when preseason hits live - disenchant what you don't need before preseason! * Purchasing Champ Shards with your IP can be worth it - on average a random Champion Shard is worth 1843 BE, which is 143 BE (8.4%) more than if you wouldn't spend the 1700 IP * Runes always have the same value (100 BE), a lower / higher price doesn't matter - same goes for Quints (300 BE) * Any runes bought between the start of Season 2017 & September 1st will get a **full** refund! * Runes that are bought **now** will **not** be refunded!
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