Earning IP is too hard/champs are too expensive for new players

I have started playing LoL last year around october and since then well I have played A LOT. For the last couple of months I can only play at night but before that I was playin around 8-10 hours a day maybe more. Well my point is even though I have played as much as humanly possible I only have 68 champs so far and most of them are cheap champs IP wise. So I have about half of the champs but to get the other half I'd have to play even more! yeah there're hextech chests(you can get 1 more champ per 1-2 months) but blue essence is needed for champion mastery. I buy RP but spending them on champs seems like a waste to me. I didn't even mention runes, rune pages etc. btw. Yes there's free champ rotation but that won't do. There are only 10 champs and you can't get chests, keys with them, not to mention you can only play them in normals. So all in all I think champs should be cheaper both IP and RP wise. Especially IP, for example right now I am saving up to buy Syndra. I really want to play her but I could only get 1/3 of the IP needed in 6 days that's just too much I think.
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