So, we get a new mastery system that is supposed to mean if you are good or bad at a champion but wait... u need to pay for it. Wtf riot? All the events are 3 times more expensive than they were. Little legends are pretty expensive for what they do. Now u worked a good amount of months on a mastery system that no one asked for instead of fixing the game itself. The old riot would just try to rework twisted treeline instead of removing it completely. Wait where is clash? And nexus blitz? And all those fun game modes? Wait we dont have it. Every event is the same but with different skins. Its boring and now the company of my favourite game has become the Eletronic Arts. I know it is a f2p game but i would prefer to pay a certain ammount of money just to stop that paywall. Riot will just lose a lot of players qnd thats not because of that shitty system, is because they are trying to get money for everything and making things more expensive. Thats all.
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