Anivia - The champion who is no longer viable...and I shall explain why

Dear Riot (and fellow players), I have been an Anivia main since Season 1. I have around 3000+ games with her and I can now say that after playing a few games since the changes, I can officially say you have completely destroyed and gutted this champion. By changing the way her E works (for those that don't know, this is her main damage output), you have completely knocked her defence down. The reason a Talon or Katarina or any other champ wouldn't fly at her is because of the fear of her frostbite (E). Prior to the changes, if the target was chilled the result would be that an E would give double damage. Now, after the changes, you need to land a stun or a FULLY GROWN glacial storm (3 seconds to fully grown) to dish out the full damage. I totally understand that most Anivia players, myself included, spams the E+R combo. However, now it is practically impossible with these changes. Considering I have played my champion for 5-6 years and I know her inside out, I know the limits of Anivia. So when you change her, I will know about it. Even when you silently nerf her W (her wall) ...and yes you did because there have been many instances that I should have trapped the opponent but now they are suddenly on the other side of the wall (if that makes sense). **So let's quickly summarise the past few paragraphs: She no longer can spam E+R => No fear from opponents => Literally no champion fears her now => Lower defence/initimidation => Opponent all ins her with little risk. ** Now, I am already sensing the frustration from the other players who are going to comment saying something along the lines of "Well, you don't need much skill to spam E+R for a chunk of free damage" Yeah, very true. However, what you also forget to mention is that she has the following disadvantages: 1) **She has the LOWEST base movement speed stat in the game.** She is stupidly immobile. Any champion can catch up to her especially in the current meta 2) **She craves mana.** If an Anivia doesn't rush a Tear or Rod of Ages (nowadays you would have to get both) then you do no damage. A bird with no mana deals no damage whatsoever unless you want to autoattack the champion to death. 3) **Her base defence is already horrifically low**. Even more so when she is egged. She receives a penalty in MR and Armour when she is egged making it pretty much an easy kill for the enemy. 4) **She now needs to wait 3 seconds for a fully grown ult to deal full damage** from the E when you are dead in around 1-2seconds from any player which facerolls the keyboard when playing champions like Katarina or Rengar. Actually, an average 2/0/0 rengar with one level advantage killed me in 1.89 seconds with minimal items; and yet I have to wait another 1.11 seconds to get an ultimate which would do some real damage? 5) **Her Q (FlashFrost) is stupidly slow.** I am not being funny when I say this: If you get hit by her Q, you are almost certaintly asleep. The speed her projectile goes at is a joke. Considering that 80% of the champions in the game now have a dash, blink or whatever bull**** gap closer or escape tool, dodging her Q is easy as slicing a hot knife through butter. So when you say "Well, if you hit her Q, you can get full damage out on the E" well, you try and hit it successfully unless they are at pointblnk range. Oh wait, when that happens, by the time you can press the E button, you are either egged or dead. 6) **Her wall does no damage** and it's very unreliable in stopping channel ultimates like Nunus/Katarina. It can be done, however you would have to place the wall with precision and there have been many times that I have missed as I only have a maybe 0.5s window to do it in before I am dead... Besides, most champions are mobile and can just go through the wall now...or flash. Useless spell pretty much now. 7) **Her ultimate DOES NOT MOVE**. So when you place the ultimate down, you not only have to wait 3 seconds before you can press E to deal a decent amount of damage - which, by the way, because of all the dashes champions have nowadays (especially mid laners) is stupidly hard to do, you are penalised by dying if you do not place it in the exact right position. 8) **Anivia has a high skill cap. **It took me months to play her PROPERLY and being able to use all the skills at once in a great combo DID yield great results. However, when I do the same burst now, it only does maybe half the damage it was supposed to do? Meanwhile, Akali QREWQREQRQWWEEQWRWQREQWRWQEQWERQRWQERQWERQEWRQWERWQEQWREWEWQ. Or Katarina QWEQWRQWEQWEWQRQWEQWREWQEQWE or Rengar QE and you die. _**So champions can literally smash their face into a keyboard to get triple/quadra/pentakills and that's okay, but you carefully have to select where you place your 3 skillshots [Q,W,R] and that's a problem and the said champion is nerfed into the ground?**_ I could go on with the list of flaws in Anivia. But the sad thing is, she is just no longer viable. To add insult to injury, after nerfing her hard, you, Riot, did not compensate the huge nerf in damage with anything. You did not increase her movement speed so she can maneuvre around champions (point 1), you did not increase her mana regen or mana pool to be able to spam her stuns so that she might be able to hit one (point 2). You did not increase her base defence so that assassins, mages, teemo would be able to just rush her and kill her easily whilst dodging the painfully slow and easy to dodge Q projectile (point 3 and 5), you did not rework her wall, which like i said above, most champions can just jump through or dash through or whatever (point 6), you did not give her any perks for her ultimate which, by the time you actually have it fully grown, you are dead anyway because of all these bursty flash mages/assassins now. (Point 7) and you have not made her any easier to play (point 8). _**So what on earth are Anivia players supposed to do now to protect themselves from champions who can burst you and kill you? Players can't protect themselves due to her low base stats, they can't dish damage because there is a time lapse between spells, the passive is now useless because of the blinks/dashes of champions; the amount of times now that champions just jump in on me egged under the turret and just dash out is just seriously frustrating. **_ So many disadvantages to playing this champion now. _Why would I pick her_ compared to other champions which deal more if not the same damage for a much lower amount of time? I think it is time to pick Katarina or Rengar, faceroll on my keyboard (literally) and get a pentakill. Better not actually, Riot would probably respond by nerfing Anivia harder because she her Q's stun is too long. Any comments welcome, and if there are any questions then I shall respond to it :-) Thanks, An1via
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