Which is the worst rework ? (Visual and Gameplay Update) reworks

Vote pls 1)Evelynn 2)Urgot 3)Galio 4)Warwick 5)Yorick 6)Ryze 7)Taric 8)Poppy 9)Fiora 10)Gangplank 11)Miss Fortune 12)Tristana 13)Sion 14)Soraka 15)Viktor 16)Sivir 17)Master Yi 18)Trundle 19)Sejuani 20)Karma 21)Katarina 22)Tryndamere I think Yorick is the worst rework in this game.. i prefer old one . My vote is 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq-ygI86twk Sound so cool skils so cool voice so cool visual cool{{summoner:3}}
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