Idk what I'm doing that's so wrong

When I played jungle I got flamed every game, but now I play top the jungle + other lanes bandwagon against me every game. I don't see all this "flaming the jungler" stuff when I'm not jungle, winning top, and my own jungle is going 1/4 and not pressuring any lanes. Seriously making me feel like it must just be me. Take my last game, Mordekaiser vs Irelia. I curb-stomp Irelia in lane getting at least 3 kills on her, and have the CS advantage. Kha'zix is constantly coming to my lane failing ganks and giving me kills while our Vi sits taking raptors while mid tower is getting destroyed. I killed Irelia enough times to be able to take the tower, but with Kha coming to cover the tower when she dies it's a slow process. Once I finally get the tower it's too late and mid has already lost 2 towers to the Rift Herald. My team is flaming me at this point for "not helping the team", (despite btw 0 help for me). Nobody covered my tower when I was gone, nobody entered my lane once. I explain to them that the second I leave lane to help mid, I WILL lose top. Even tho I already took the enemy top tower and shoved wave, this exact scenario played out when I visited mid to try to defend the inhib turrets. We failed and lost the game, and the moment I left, Irelia was about to take two towers. I get called a noob and ALL the blame is put onto me by both mid and jungle. Every Bronze game descends into ARAM as soon as a single tower has fallen, and anyone who doesn't follow, despite losing exp, losing gold and repeatedly losing teamfights 5v5ing the fed enemy team, is called a "troll" and a "noob". Because in Bronze, macro doesn't exist, sidelanes don't exist, there is ONLY mid. I don't see how waiting to lose a 5v5 in mid is a viable strategy. Is the only way to climb in this division to learn how to ARAM? Because that's sure how it feels.

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