How about a team death match mode.

what do u guys think about a team death-match kind of mode? where you have a 5v5 upset or maybe 10v10 and if u die u are dead for the rest of the game, and the team that has no more ppl obviously looses. and in this mode u could even give the surviving players extra rewards, for exemple a last man standing reward that shows on ur profile for the time beeing or an icon or just a small ip bonus or maybe an assassins kind of game, where it's 1v5 and the person who is alone is the assassin and gets special extras and has so obviously assassinate the enemy's. the assassin can not be seen on the mini-map or better yet, there is no mini-map and the team with 5 people have limited ways to communicate, maybe they have to be close to each other to see each others messages or u have to buy an item that allows u to use the chat (this is just a random thought I got, it probably isn't the best thing to implement in a game)
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