New Cho' Gath is overpowered.

**Ok, first of all this is not one of those who complain because they lost against a cho' gath, i am the cho' gath.** Hello, i am a Cho' Gath Main. I was lvl 7 with him on my other account but sadly got permbanned for flaming lol. But now on my new account i just got back to this game and the new "infinite" stacking and losing no stacks upon dying is just SO op. The ult also scales on HP now, which just makes it even more dumb. I just finished a game, Cho' Gath jungle, i had 13 stacks, Cinderhulk, ROA, Deadmans Plate, Spirit Visage, Warmogs and boots. I had 7000 HP with Armor and MR, and i did 1200 dmg with my low CD ult. While having the Courage of Collosus mastery i couldn't die. 10/3/17 was my final score, and i was carrying hard. We were behind and losing until i got those 5 jungle camp stacks and then started babysitting top lane. Then i kept stacking on dragon, baron and champions to get this. Luckily for me they had no such thing as Vayne or BORK. He is probably one of the best jungler atm. i'd say personally. He can go up to a lane, Q from a distance, if hit use W so he doesn't use a move to get away, and then once q and w is over just ult. And if you have flash you WILL get him down if you flash ult. Either they nerf him or buff other items/champs to counter him.
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