A change of attitude

If you find yourself constantly flaming members... or if you aren't but you feel like you're always around a bunch of noobs and you keep complaining, then you need to change your attitude. Chances are, the people you are playing with are infact bad, but they don't mean to be they are trying to get better but ended up in a queue with players higher than them, in that case flaming or getting annoyed with them won't actually do anything. Remember, acting negative gives a negative result. If you feel like you got outplayed, don't say in all chat "wow luck" or "noob, if i had x up, you would of died" no, say "wp" or "good job", as you might just make the player on the other end a little happier. If you see your "noob" team mate as you call them, do even the smallest thing decent you say wp. You compliment them, now only will it boost their confidence but they might actually listen to you next time you ask them to do something. I kind of thought about this attitude thing after a game with 4 of my friends. I was azir. Our top laner was yasuo vs riven. He wasn't having a good time, as heard in skype, untill I see him kill the riven. I was expecting riven to flame yasuo in all chat but instead she asked how he did it, and then said "wp" which i thought was interesting. The rive then came mid, she jumped on me and I did a bit of a juke and ulted her into the tower, she walks round, kills me living with a tower shot off dying, I was upset that it was so close but riven then said in all chat "I killed you completely from luck" then said "wp" which I was surprised by as rivens are usually salty, and this kind of made me happy and overall made me not upset about the death. Now obviously being nice to your enemies isn't the key to victory. But I still think keeping a positive attitude is. So please, you need to remember if you are ever feeling like your team are against you just stay keep a clear mind and think about the good things in the game rather than the bad. "Remember, acting negative gives a negative result." Keep striving forward summoners! ^.^
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