Nidalee nerf changes her play style and not just her early game.

Hello Summoners, I, as a Nidalee main, am extremely disappointed by her nerfs in patch 6.11. I think I understand why Riot would want to nerf her early game, mainly because her clear is super fast and it is considered unfair (?!) but with her Pounce not resetting on hunted targets anymore her whole play style has changed. You can't dive to execute your mark and jump back out. I think that move was one of her main mechanics and by taking it away from her she has not only lost her early game pressure but also lost a lot potential throughout the game. Does any Nidalee mains here agree with me? Personally I am thinking about stopping playing Nidalee even though I'm only one token away from Level 7. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}

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