[Food For Thought] "Tank" Corki?

{{champion:42}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3116}} Tank masteries(think Strength of Ages?) I find that build quite decent on this champ. First of all, Iceborn Gauntlet will give you tons of mana, which is good for spamming all the R's and Q's you may want, and allowing you to have some MORE mana for a defensive spell(W to fly away). Also, it gives 20% CDR which will make him spam MORE. And sheen proc, which will come on nearly every of his autos because of spammable spells(again supported with the mana and CDR this item gives itself) Cleaver has a SICK synergy with his E, in addition to finishing the 40% CDR cap. Enjoy the E shred + full Cleaver shred. And more ability spam, of course. Nuff said. Sterage is an excellent defensive item, it will give you health, AD, a shield, and amplify your Iceborn proc's. The defensive passive also says FU to burst heavy champs. Liandries. Oh my god. Assuming that he has 40% CDR and tons of mana, he can spam abilities. AND EVERY ABILITY APPLIES THE BURN. AP is a bit of waste of stat, more like a minor increase in Q and R and W, but the magic penetration and (spammed) ability burn is sick. Assuming that you can land at least 30% of the rockets you fired, you give enemies permanent health % burn. Rylais. Amp the liandries even more(impair movement with spells). Spamming rockets gives you a perma slow. Your E will freeze in addition to shredding(thanks to Cleaver) and burning(liandries). Your rockets will freeze and % burn, all while dealing increased damage b/c magic penetration. Banshee's is a situational defensive item - note that IBG gives you armor already so magic resistance is optional for balanced teams. Your Q will burn/freeze Your W will make a burning/freezing path(kind of Singed's). Oh, and 40% CDR means more opportunities to escape in tight situation if you've tanked enough damage. Your E will burn, freeze, shred(both as itself and with Cleaver shred). What a sick ability out there. Your R will permaslow and perma-%-burn. Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback?
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