Neeko Identity

So, guys, your thoughts on Neeko's identity, correct me if Im wrong, is supposed to be a deceiver, trickster sending confusion into enemy team with clones and invises?...however currently, all that is quite beside the point as she doesnt have to care, she just walks up as instagibs people I can kinda see how the development of the champ went: Developer: So uhm I got this champion concept, she will be a trickster/deceiver who can fool enemy by changing her appearance to appear as other champs and/or doing an invisibility and/or doing MS burst to catch them offguard! So that she can get enemies into bad positions for her team to eliminate. Exec: Marvelous, sounds good. But, where is the part where she kills people? Developer: Well, I though her to be a team champ, she does the luring in, fooling enemies, CC'ing them with root and then they are ready to be killed. Exec: Once again Bob, sounds good, but where is the fun in that? If you don't kill? You remember Ivern and how bad sales were when we released a champ that cannot 1 vs 1 people in first (and last) time during last 4 years? They went bad Bob, people ignored him, bought Star Guardian skins instead, so, while your idea is great and keep to it. Let's also stack enough damage there afterwards so that she can kill people by herself and with ease, ok? Developer: Uhm, ok...but won't that kinda destroy her identity, that she won't need any of those deceiver skills? Also will it not make her too strong? Exec: Sales Bob, sales. End of year budget before finalizing could really use one more bump. We will handle any identity crysis later, you cannot know how it develops. As to any 'strong' queries, in 2 patches going forward you can try to fix, you know the usual 1 month sale cycle, so definitely not less than 2 patches. We might even extend if it sells good in holiday season! Please do the usual packages bundles with exclusives as well, ok? Developer: Uhm, ok, I guess. Exec: There you go Bob, another successful day. One day you will understand its about having a great successful game in the long run, not from patch to patch. Your thoughts on this guys? Honestly I see far less of her turning to somebody or deceiving people and far more of her just walking up to people while in W then doing R, E, Q

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