An up-to-date Jungle Guide

Jungle as of now (patch ~6.10) Hi, so apparently people really liked my last overview [Botlane as of now]( so I'll be writing one for jungle now I guess. Also, keep in mind that what applies to the other overview will also apply to this one. These are opinions, not facts, and even though I am eager to have a discussion with you it will probably be unlikely that I'm going to change what I wrote about a champion, unless you come with really convincing arguments. Well then let's start off, I'll be covering multiple things, which I'll list in my Table of Content. You can use Control F to find a certain item / champion, and i'll list them alphabetically. Due to a complete lack of interest I stopped writing whole patch overviews, if you however still want one from me (I'd be extremely flattered) then you're free to say so, or add me in-game! I'll gladly answer your questions, and if there's enough interest I'll start writing them again. However, with the amount of work that they simply are, combined with the lack of time I have nowadays, it seems a bit too much to write them if no one really reads them anyways. --- Table of Content: 0.9: Before introduction I: Introduction II: Items III: Wards IV: Champions V: Ideas, ideals & goals (Including summoner spells) VI: Jungling and counter-jungling VII: Timings and smite buffs VIII: My tier list IX: A final opinion on jungle X: A thank you XI: Additional, useful sources --- 0.9: So Riot decided to unsticky this thread as boards were getting too cluttered with stickied posts, and that means that few people will be reading this guide. Thus I have decided to not update this guide anymore, however if you have any questions, or want me to update this, leave a comment or add me ingame. However this probably won't happen since it never does... Either way it was a fun time guys, hope to see you around and gl on the fields of justice~ _A good beginning is half the work_ I feel like the jungle is the hardest thing to explain, with the most things to talk about. I will later on make a seperate post with the communication between mid-jungle, top-jungle and bot-jungle, aswell as ideas for comps, individual playstyles et cetera. This means that I'll _not_ be discussing those things right now. I feel like it's just too much to discuss as just a chapter. Because I main botlane, and not jungle, this guide might not be the best of the best, but I have asked multiple friends who are currently in Masters, so I think most of it should be relatively reliable. Like said before though, I am open for discussions, and will happily add things I have forgotten. This is not the most advanced of advanced guides, one I might make later, but more of a general overview of the current state and basic principles of jungling. I hope this'll be informative and not too much of a drag to read through, see you at the conclusion! *** _The easiest way to becoming better is preperation and research_ Itemisation exists out of making decisions, and that is exactly what buying items in league is. You constantly need to make decisions, and I feel like decision making is the most important skill for junglers. At any rate you have to start off with choosing between {{item:1041}} or {{item:1039}}. The philosophy between the items is this: Machete is better for champions who do not necessarily need a lot of mana regen. The machete gives a faster clear (on AA's) with a bonus 20 damage per hit, whereas the Talisman lags behind with 25 damage (stolen) over 5 second, which does not stack. This means that it deals 5 damage a second. The Machete also has 8% lifesteal (against monsters) whereas the Talisman has 150% mana regen (in the jungle). TL:DR Do you need mana in your early clear? Are you not auto attacking constantly? Go for the Talisman, if you however don't really need the mana, and are auto attacking plenty. then go for Machete first. (Some exceptions are Zac and Kha --> Zac you also go Talisman on, because you're running around picking up blobs a lot while the Talisman tick can tick away, and Kha is kinda mana intensive on the first clear with Q spam, so you go Talisman on him aswell!) Refillable potion is a really good buy to go with your jungle item, they add up perfectly gold wise and you need quite a few pots anyways. Hunter's potion is actually not very good to buy, I could do the math for you but basically you get a little bit more health for a decent amount of extra gold. Most jungler do _not_ upgrade to Hunter's Potion as it simply isn't worth it. Play around with it though, get a feel for it, as some champions have such poor sustain that they do need it. On your first back you will have amassed some amount of gold, and now you can buy multiple items yet again, I'll be covering the jungle upgrades as these are most common, and the only exception would for example be boots or longswords on Lee or something in that direction for early game spiking, but in general you upgrade your jungle item to either {{item:3715}}, {{item:3711}} or {{item:3706}}. Keep in mind that for a big part these items are, and will always be, _preference._ There might even be an item that is objectively better- but it does not mean you have to force yourself into buying it every game. Certain items fit certain playstyles, and even though certain champions promote certain playstyles doesn't mean that you have to play the same every game. You can play a very control-heavy Nidalee, with many wards and Tracker's, constantly tracking the enemy jungler down, but you can also go for a gank heavy Stalker's blade Nidalee that smites and then gets an eas(y)(ier) Q. _Go with what you feel like fits your style._ And yes- I know that people like to simply be told what they need to build and what they need to do from a guide, but I don't work that way. In my opinion you become better by thinking about the game, thinking about what you did / are doing and changing it to fit the current game, meta or playstyle. **_Guides are there to help you understand the game, do NOT take everything I say for granted- but rather think about it and whether you understand what I am actually trying to say, and why some things work. This is, in my opinion, one of the few ways to rather easily get better at the game._** *** {{item:3715}} **Skirmisher's Sabre**: I would only advice this item for a few champions, with sticking power and a lot of AA's. It gives you a fair bit of dueling power due to the damage reduction, but it feels a bit niche / situational. Buy on champions that don't need the damage nor to catch up such as Yi and Warwick. *** {{item:3706}} **Stalker's Blade**: This one is for champions who primarily have a hard time catching up or need to land a crucial skillshot. You could for example buy this on Lee Sin. You ward jump into smite range, smite, walk up and E into a free Q. You can also build it on champions like Shyvana to make up for the fact that she has no hard CC though, so you can actually get into melee range. Keep in mind; it _steals_ movement speed (20%) & deals true damage (28-166 depending on level) for 2 seconds. Thus it is actually a pretty good item to catch up to people with! *** {{item:3711}} **Tracker's Knife**: An interesting warding item for junglers. This one is definitely for the more supportive / vision "needy" junglers. Especially good on champions that can't really abuse the other two upgrades as much such as Gragas and I have seen it been build on Elise. It even works on champions like Nidalee though. Do note that it has an interesting combo with Lee Sin, due to getting more (free) ward jumps. Do note that this is the only upgrade that does _not_ change your smite, which means that with this upgrade you can not smite champions, unlike the other two upgrades! After your second back you should probably upgrade your jungle item, since the upgrades are, flat stat wise, so good. For convenience I'll use Tracker's Knife, with all the enchantments, you can choose between {{item:1409}},{{item:1411}}, {{item:1410}} and {{item:1408}} *** {{item:1409}} **Cinderhulk enchantment**: This one is obviously for tanks, and makes you tanky with some decent damage over time in an area around you. It basically is a Sunfire Cape but then as enchantment rather than standalone item. A solid item, that scales well due to the extra bonus health. Tanky champs such as Amumu and Skarner. *** {{item:1418}} **Bloodrazor enchantment**: Only good on AA reliant champions such as Kindred and Yi, it's a mediocre item at best. Not very versatile, and scale dependant, it gets beaten by Warrior early game rather heavily. However- if you do end up getting into the late game you can melt tanks with it, which is nice to have. *** {{item:1410}} **Runic Echoes enchantment**: The "newly" added enchantment, this is basically Luden's echo. This can proc on spells too, but it's a bit weaker than Luden's. Mainly for APC's, with some exceptions such as Udyr, you should be building this on the likes of Nidalee,Fiddlesticks and Diana. Do notice that the 7% movement speed on the item is _really big._ Movement speed is the most valuable stat for junglers, and this item makes you faster than the other jungler, which can be very valuable with the correct warding / information. Although Runic Echoes got nerfed in 6.4 (10% movement speed to 7%) It's actually still really good, because it still procs on spells. The mana gain is also quite huge, so there's that. *** {{item:1408}} **Warrior enchantment**: An enchantment primarily meant for champions such as Lee Sin. Basically champions that want a damage spike and tend to duel / brawl a lot in the jungle and in the lanes. A solid AD item. The other items are in my opinion relatively champion bound, there is one seperate note though: the idea that you should "just build tanky" when you're losing does have more merit to it than just going your, for example, warrior enchantment. If you go tanky as jungler you'll have a role no matter how behind you are, whereas a damage-jungler will simply get picked off against strong, fed mid-laners or whatever. It does not always hold true, but when in doubt: just build tankily. _It's never wrong_, really. *** _If knowledge is power, and vision is knowledge, vision is power_ Most importantly though, don't forget to ocassionally buy a {{item:2043}}! Look, i'm not gonna be like everyone else and say you should buy one on every back (although you really should) but atleast make it a goal to buy atleast 2-3 of them per game, and then ramp that amount up to the point where you feel like you're in a good spot. They only cost 75 gold and they remain alive untill they are killed, so placing them in a safe bush normally leaves them up for a good part of the game. Also, you should really try to tactically ward around the map, for example taking scuttle does not _only_ give you some gold and free health as the scuttle won't damage you- it also gives you a "safe haven". Due to the fact that have a place where you get free movement speed and a ward! Taking scuttle generally prevents the enemy jungler from ganking through the river, and thus can be more significant than the ~75 gold it gives! _Blue Side_ _Purple Side_ By the way, on basically all junglers you want to start out with a warding trinket, and switch to the Oracle's Alteration level 9, due to the extreme usefulness of clearing out wards. _Legend:_ _Blue dot = good (basic) spot for normal wards_ _Red dot = good (basic) spot for Vision Wards_ The idea behind these wards is as follows, vision wards are vulnerable but you can cancel out vision with them. Often it is simply important to know that the enemy does not have vision of a certain area, so you can pass through without having to be scared of being spotted, killed by the other jungler, their laner running way et cetera. So you place these wards in reasonably defendable positions. The normal wards simply need to give you vision and don't die so easily because they need to be revealed- so you can put them a bit deeper. However though, be careful of not overextending too much as it might end up killing you when the opponents collapse on you. *** _The first and arguably most important decision you have to make_ I will cover all of the champions I consider viable right now in the jungle here, and what they are normally picked for. I might have forgotten some, so please don't be afraid to comment if you don't see your favourite jungler, or disagree with something. I will yet again do this alphabetically. {{champion:266}} **Aatrox**: You don't see Aatrox too often anymore, and I feel like you shouldn't either. He probably falls under the Bloodrazor-sabre category, but he doesn't feel quite as strong as other champions such as Yi or Warwick that basically do the same as he does. Altough he has a fair amount of sustain and dueling power with his W he feels a bit lackluster in engaging power. He tends to get outkited, and that's why you'll often see Aatrox junglers split often. I wouldn't recommend playing him too much as he doesn't really have the carry potential other Bloodrazor junglers do. He scales pretty hard though, and reaches his peek at end-mid game. After that you start noticing that ADC's out-do you, though. **_Has mediocre ganks, good clearspeed and pretty good sustain._** *** {{champion:32}} **Amumu**: Our favourite, forever alone mummy. Amumu is something I remember from season 2, and in my opinion he's not in the worst of positions right now. I feel like he and his kit get punished quite hard in higher elo's but he should be fine in lower elo's. You can play him with either damage (Runic echoes) or tanky (Cinderhulk). In my opinion Cinderhulk is superior. He doesn't have the worst clear speeds, altough he takes quite a bit of damage from the jungle early on. Later on a good ult can definitely win you a fight though. This is a good example for on who to build Tracker's Knife because other items don't really feel right, altough you can go for Stalker's Blade to help you land those Q's. Like other tanks he can become very annoying, and actually pretty good at dueling due to W max health damage. **_Has pretty decent ganks and clearspeed, but poor sustain, altough later on he takes no damage from camps due to E passive and build._** *** {{champion:31}} **Cho'Gath**: A bit outdated, and not the fastest jungler out there, but he's not too bad on sustain due to his passive healing him for a ton. I'd definitely build Cho tanky, thus Cinderhulk. He has to be careful for being counter jungled by the likes of Lee Sin though, who will absolutely destroy him in a brawl, altough he does get a suprisingly good ultimate. His ult makes him really tanky with 6 stacks and the damage on it isn't too bad either. Scales well as a tank, but he, against most teams, doesn't have the tools to lock ADC's down. If you get ahead though you become _very_ tanky with your 6 ult stacks. **_Has remarkably decent ganks, if you come in front a good angle to hit the Q, decent/fast clearspeed depending on build and good sustain._** *** {{champion:131}} **Diana**: One of the more interesting junglers, Diana is normally build AP heavy. Runic Echoes gives her a decent power spike, and even though her ganks and jungling are poor untill level 6 her ult fixes quite a lot. With a potential to one shot in the later stages of the game and an increasingly good clearspeed throughout the game she isn't the best, but not the worst either. She has one of the strongest scalings and can achieve this by merely farming, especially once she hits the one-shot area she becomes _very_ scary. **_Before 6 really bad ganks, after 6 pretty good ganks, increasingly good clearspeed, but she has bad sustain. Altough she can negate a lot of damage with her W shield, mana reliant._** *** {{champion:36}} **Dr. Mundo**: Ah, tanky Mundo. Most of you will probably will know him as a top lane terror but he actually isn't the worst jungler. Altough he kind of suffers from the fact none of his abilities give HP early game, he does still have a decent clearing speed with the Q. As he scales health issues don't become an issue anymore, and his ganking is quite good due to a lot of damage and the cleavers. Does suffer from early game invades though. Another good example for a Tracker's Knife Cinderhulk build. He, like toplane Mundo, scales pretty well and becomes quite the unkillable, annoying threat who can take down targets by himself. **_Has pretty good ganks, with diving potential, pretty good clearspeed and awful sustain in the early game, which becomes ingoreable later on._** *** {{champion:245}} **Ekko**: Who would've expected such a decent jungler out of this guy when he came out? I sure didn't. Altough he doesn't have the best clear speeds he does have some sustain due to his W stunning and giving him a shield. I feel like, with his E, he is pretty decent when being counterjungled on too. Pretty scary ganks, with W and potential to dive and ult out again. Also gets pretty decent base damages with a potential tanky build path. You can kind of choose between Cinderhulk and Runic Echoes though, altough I feel like Runic is pretty good on him. (Start W on him for the passive extra dmg on low health and extra sustainability!) Although in scaling he actually can become a very annoying threat for carries. **_Has very good ganks, mediocre clearspeed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:60}} **Elise**: We're coming to the top tier junglers here, Elise is very very scary. She actually kind of has it all, a really good clear speed with her spiderlings, good sustain with her spider W, an escape / zhonyas / gap closer with spider E, Human form with current % health and spider form with % missing health, which combined make them very, very good. (Thanks Sad Because Bad for the correction) There is not much to be said about Elise to be honest, outside of the fact she's really damn good. Hel- she even scales relatively well, what is not to love? **_Has very good ganks, with diving potential, very good clearspeed and good sustain._** *** {{champion:28}} **Evelynn**: I feel like Evelynn and Shaco are the only two really cheesy junglers at the moment, mainly due to the fact they both have invisibility and need to scale pretty hard. Most people go warriors-sabre on Evelynn, altough I still think that Runic Echoes is pretty good because of the movement speed. She has a pretty decent clear speed, but suffers heavily from mana issues depending on how you play her, and her first clear is counter jungleable. She can completely spiral / snowball out of control though, and once Evelynn takes over the map you're going to be in for a bad time. **_Has good ganks, if you can play Evelynn and play around her invisibility, good counter jungling capabilities, good clear speed but bad sustain._** *** {{champion:9}} **Fiddlesticks**: I feel like Fiddlesticks got revived with the Runic Echoes enchantment. Arguably he works better in lower ELO's, where people are a bit more confused and won't save their hard CC to knock Fiddles out of his drain, nor ward enough to counter his out-of-nowhere-ult. Added benefit to him being able to buy a ward on level one though. Be careful for being counter jungled by champion such as Lee or Nidalee though, as they could one shot you depending on your mana, ability cd's et cetera. Fiddlesticks can snowball really hard, and he is one of the junglers who can singlehandedly win a teamfight with a good ult. **_Mediocre ganks (relies on laner untill he can catch up), decent clearspeed and godlike sustain._** *** {{champion:105}} **Fizz**: One of the less meta junglers at the moment, you should play around with fizz and see if you like him. I actually quite like attack speed Bloodrazor Fizz, but with Runic Echoes he does pretty well too. Wouldn't necessarily recommend him for SoloQ but he's fun enough. Fizz snowballs quite hard, but if he gets underfed he feels kind of underwhelming. **_Low end ganks (no solid CC), very good clearspeed with Bloodrazor, higher end decent with runic echoes, but he has poor sustain, especially with the Runic Echoes build._** *** {{champion:79}} **Gragas**: The revival of the fatty isn't necessarily a thing just yet, but I feel like Gragas is gonna make his way back into the meta. You can either build him tanky or full damage, he deals quite a bit of damage either way. I really like his kit for the jungle, and feel like he could change games with good ults & bodyslams. Not to mention his W also deals % max health. He scales quite well, and stays a force to be reckoned with throughout the whole game. **_Good ganks, decent clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:104}} **Graves**: An absolute beast, clear time is out of the window, so is his ability to not take any damage. Bests any melee, and even though he got nerfed this patch I still feel like he's really scary to play against. Not much more to say about him though, pretty straightforward. He doesn't scale too well for ADC's, but in jungling terms he scales quite well. **_Mediocre ganks (Requires his laner to set up CC), godlike clearspeed and godlike sustain._** *** {{champion:120}} **Hecarim**: In my opinion Hecarim is really quite strong, altough his early clear speed isn't the best, nor is his sustain. He is very snowbal reliant, but once he gets rolling he absolutely destroys games. With a very decent amount of tankines, and a lot of damage. Recommend Warrior-Skimishers on him, with ignite-smite as summoners. **_Pretty decent ganks, with high snowballing capabilites, poor early clear and sustain though._** *** {{champion:59}} **Jarvan IV**: To be honest I've seen a serious lack of Jarvans lately. I really like Jarvan, for several reasons. He's very noob friendly; with his ult he basically gets a guaranteed kill on any target without any built in dashes. Outside of that he just.. feels good for me, then again that's just personal preference. I feel like he scales pretty well with different builds, with AD builds he can actually become an assassin. I feel like Jarvan feels off a bit, but not too much; I'm Jarvan I'm Helping can be a bit of an issue though. With the 6.5 changes Jarvan is really strong for wombo combo team comps, and I would definitely recommend trying him out. His shield buff also helps him with 1v1 duels in the jungle. **_Has very good ganks, which only get better after 6, pretty decent clearspeed but poor sustain._** *** {{champion:24}} **Jax**: Another Bloodrazor, or otherwise I'd go for Runic-Echoes-jungler, although thank the gods that he's not played too much, as he's o not way too interesting. He gets quite decent clearspeeds due to his passive and kit, and doesn't take too much damage due to his E, but as a jungler in general he's a bit lackluster. He doesn't fullfill a clear role, which is kind of the issue, and isn't that strong before level 6. He scales really hard though, and once he gets into double digit levels he can get out of hand rather easily. **_Mediocre ganks, decent clear speed that becomes very good when he hits certain spikes in his builds, no sustain but he takes little damage._** *** {{champion:43}} **Karma**: An experimental champion, you can probably play it in your normal games now she can W monsters. She has very good scaling, but a pretty bad early game. Diamond from Gambit Gaming actually played this all the way back in Season 3, competetively. She is very vulnerable to invades due to well being a low sustain damage AP caster. **_Mediocre ganks, weak early cleer speed and a surprising amount of sustain with shield and she can actually R-W monsters for health._** *** {{champion:10}} **Kayle**: I feel like Kayle is a bit out-seasoned, in all of the roles you can play her, although a guy called Shakarez still plays her. If you want to learn her I'd advise you to look up his guides, as he is obviously more experienced and up-to-date with her than I am. She, however, scales pretty well and her ult is one of the best independent abilities in my opinion. **_Mediocre ganks, weak early clear speed and actually some mediocre sustain due to W spam with blue buff, and kiting camps because of the range._** *** {{champion:121}} **Kha'Zix**: Another terror in the jungle to be honest, Kha'Zix deals so much damage that he's really scary. His Q absolutely demolished camps and champs alike, totally disregarding the H.. Becausee c(h)a.. nevermind. Kha'Zix is in my opinion a really good champion at the moment, you build like Youmuus and Warriors on him and he'll one shot ADC's. Also gets decent clear times and sustain, although he has no hard CC for ganks. He scales quite well, and snowballs even better. If he can't get assassinations off though he feels rather useless. **_Decent ganks, high end clear speeds and sustain due to W heals. Can counter jungle and cheese here and there due to the flat damage on Q._** *** {{champion:203}} **Kindred**: One of the few ranged junglers at the moment, they are actually remarkably good at what they do. Kindreds normally go for Warriors-Sabre and try to get as many brawls going as possible. They are a really strong duel champion, and their ult often saves even lost fights. In the ult they often get the upper hand due to the stacking on the E, which lets them one shot people with the last E proc when the ult heals everyone. Their scaling is kind of interesting, and it depends on their team comp primarily, but they tend to have their highs in the early game. **_Pretty good ganks, pretty good clear speed and very good sustain due to W and kiting potential of camps._** *** {{champion:96}} **Kog'Maw**: Now hear me out on this one, this is actually better than you'd expect it to be. The philosophy behind it is in the W and the fact that you smite the big krug. You basically mass proc the stun from the smite on krug and have surpirisingly decent clear speed. I would even go as far as say that you can play this in your SoloQ games, after you've practiced it a bit and gotten a feel for it. Although he can be susceptible to strong junglers invading him. This guy definitely scales very, very well though. The nerfs in patch 6.4 to AS should balance out the buffs in 6.3, so he should still be all around good ^^. **_Decent ganks, depending on the angle you come from, good clear speed and good sustain._** *** {{champion:64}} **Lee Sin**: Ah Lee Sin, you have always been a good champion and probably will always be, for people who are actually good at you, that is. Lee Sin deals a lot of damage, and even though he kind of relies on early / mid game he _can_ be useful in the late game with good InSecs. Gripex plays a lot of Lee Sin, so you might wanna check him out. Do however, for the love of god, not play this guy if you can't play him / for your first time in ranked. He is simply too complicated to pull off. **_Very good ganks, pretty good clear speed and decent sustain, depending on W or E max second._** *** {{champion:57}} **Maokai**: Another jungler who is kind of in the wrong season. I feel like he's fun to play around with, but only if you're very confident with him should you take him to ranked, in my opinion. He is very blue reliant early which can be an issue, altough preparing camps with E is kind of fun. I feel like his scaling isn't the worst, but if he gets behind he feels kind of underwhelming. **_Good ganks, mediocre clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:11}} **Master Yi**: I really don't like Master Yi, and I would not recommend him to anyone. I feel like that you either need godlike reactions and game knowledge (Cowsep is pretty good at him though) or just shouldn't touch him. You impair your team because you'll most likely farm farm farm for a good portion of the game, which people do not very much so appreciate. **_Bad ganks before 6, decent ones after 6; pretty good clear speed and scaling with Bloodrazor and decent sustain, as long as you put a point in W._** *** {{champion:111}} **Nautilus**: I feel like Nautilus gets way too little credit at the moment. Nautilus is really strong, with a huge shield to get him through, decent amounts of damage and a Q that really doesn't miss because of the amazing width. He is a CC'ing beast, that gets especially scary on level 6. He also scales rather well as a tank into the mid-late game. **_Very good ganks, decent clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:76}} **Nidalee**: A very strong, aggressive early game AP caster. Especially the likes of Rush show how scary Nidalee can be. With long ranged poke (spears) and some sustain for her team (heals), she does a remarkable lot. She can even trap choke points so you get something that works like a semi-ward. She has high mobility aswell, in her cougar form, making her a formidable junglers. If she snowballs she's even scarier- sometimes even one shotting people without landing the spear, but if she gets behind she, yet again, feels underwhelming and becomes hard to play correctly / effectively. **_Depending on how creative you are with coming in from an angle; very decent ganks, good clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:56}} **Nocturne**: To be honest I never see this guy, and you should probably keep him for your Ranked Team games. Although he is everything but bad, he has some serious issues, mainly being snowballing and getting outjungled before 6 / between ult CD. However, especially with a full AD build he can easily oneshot most champions and at a certain point he starts being a counter-jungle threat, too. **_Good ganks after 6, pretty good clear speed and decent sustain, although his first clear isn't the best._** *** {{champion:20}} **Nunu**: Primarily a counter jungling / supportive jungler, Nunu is in my opinion an exception to all the other junglers. He basically just bullies away at the other jungler, eating his big camps and being a nuisance with snowballs left and right. Then again- I would only play this impatient yeti in Team Rankeds. Scales reasonably well after the 6.2 patch to his E, but he isn't going to do to well with random comps due to his ult and kit being so niche-fixed. **_Mediocre ganks (That's not what you are aiming for as Nunu jungle though), great clear speed and great sustain._** *** {{champion:2}} **Olaf**: An interesting jungler to say the least, one I don't see too often either. I feel like Olaf is the kind of champion that simply deserves to get a team built around him. With an ult that is as strong and potent his he becomes very scary for carries with something like a Zilean or Lulu speed-up. Actually does a remarkably good job in the jungle itself too. If he gets behind he feels kind of weak though, since he's not able to simply brute force his way through the enemy team anymore because he'll simply die before he reaches his targets. **_Good ganks, with an ongoing stream of Q's, very good clear speed and very good sustain with W._** *** {{champion:80}} **Pantheon**: I wouldn't necessarily put this guy in the jungle, although he has the kit for some serious dueling potential. He does have some serious mana issues though, since he is an AD caster who heavily relies on spells. Atleast he shares the highest base movement speed in the game with Master Yi (355), which definitely gives him an advantage when running around in the jungle. Pick him up if you really like him, but it fits an aggressive style as he will fall of later, snowball or not. **_Good ganks, mediocre clear speed and mediocre at sustaining himself. (At sustaining himself because the mana management without blue is hell)_** *** {{champion:78}} **Poppy**: To be honest the new Poppy is actually remarkably good in the jungle. Whereas the old Poppy held one of the slowest clear times due to her complete lack of AOE the new one does pretty well with the new Q, and doesn't necessarily have bad ganks either. The only big con is that you can flash her E and completely deny it. She's remarkably good at duelling in the jungle- thus near walls, and isn't awfully mana hungry. She scales into mid and late game well, but slightly poorer now her kit is getting nerfed by Riot due to E-R-E combo being kind of disgusting. **_Mediocre ganks (Hugely depends on use of W and E though), decent clear speed and pretty decent sustain with her passive._** *** {{champion:133}} **Quinn**: Well then Quinn... I really dislike seeing all these ADC's go into the jungle and not going back to botlane, but ah well. Quinn has a really good jungle in general. This champion _really_ shows the importance of movement speed, and is absolutely disgusting with her ult, as she can be anywhere at any given time. She does very well in the jungle too, due to the kiting, E and Q. She can snowball a game like Evelynn, and once she gains control you'll have a hard time getting it back from her. She also develops into a scary flank / split pusher with ult. **_Good ganks, if you get the right angle for E. Then again, after 6 you can just lane gank too, decent clear speed and very acceptable sustain, depends on how well you kite though._** *** {{champion:33}} **Rammus**: OK. This guy doesn't have any more lines than mercy, which basically comes down to none. Especially punishing versus full AD comps with his nasty W and thornmail, he is the definition of a jungler that relies on getting attacked to deal damage. His early game isn't very impressive, but he can roll into lanes with amazing movement speed, and his taunt leaves little counterplay to escape. He scales really well versus full AD comps, but tends to suffer when all the Mikaels and Qss's are built. **_Good ganks, slow clear speed and after the first few clears he doesn't really care about sustain anymore as he will take 0 damage with his triple digit armor._** *** {{champion:421}} **Rek'Sai**: Rek'Sai is a champion I ridiculed on release, and boy o boy was I wrong. The only thing that is still not the best about this champion is a good, duelling ult (something that basically every other jungler does have) so there is not really a powerspike at level 6, which most other junglers do have. However she is incredibly mobile with her tunnel network, and deals enough damage in the early game to be considered a serious threat. Although she scales quite poorly without kills, she does a great job at being annoying and scary at the same time, deserving a spot high on my list. **_Good ganks, good clear speed, decent sustain with Borrow._** *** {{champion:107}} **Rengar**: Kitty cat doesn't play around, sadly. Still the same, infamous one shotting beast that we knew from release Rengar is still very scary. (Remember the days where Ryan Choi would just build as many Dorans Blades as it took to win lane? That was pretty funny) Arguably the worst snowballing assassin out there Rengar punishes those who do not respect what Rengar does. Just a tip: Group. Dong Huap actually made a pretty good video on Rengar, which I will post at the end of the post. To be honest the nerfs on his E didn't hit him too hard because now they just go a MS build and empower their Q. Especially with the new item *shivers* **_Amazing ganks past 6, before that he has decent ganks, good clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:98}} **Shen**: So Shen jungle is in my opinion quite mediocre. There are some huge issues that Shen has above others, which are basically a lack of straight up damage and reliable CC. You might think that "wow the E is CC" but it's too slow, and can be dodged by anyone with a dash. To be honest his clear isn't too bad, and he has his passive shield to keep his health up, but I feel like his ult is a bit lackluster. The normal threat that comes from a Shen is that he can TP _as_ a laner, but now you kinda have to expect him to be around anyways since he's a jungler. It also doesn't give him any skirmishing capabilities, which hurts him. Although he's not the worst I don't quite like him. Atleast they gave him some strength by giving his E the ability to also hit monsters this patch, so they're looking at Shen jungle, which is neat. **_Mediocre ganks, mediocre clear speed and good sustain. No real skirmishing potential after 6 though._** *** {{champion:113}} **Sejuani**: I feel like she is a bit underrated. I'm not saying she's the next hidden OP but I feel like her ult is, just like Fiddles, game changing. She kind of relies on her team though, as her damage output isn't the best, nor are her scaling. An all-round good, healthy champion in my opinion. She suffers from her early clear though, but she will be useful no matter her score if she manages to land a good ult. With the 6.5 buffs she is actually even better than before, and her ult should be way easier to use due to clarity buffs. **_Good ganks, decent clear speed, bad sustain._** *** {{champion:35}} **Shaco**: Well then, if anything screams cheese it's Shaco. I really don't like playing against Shaco, and I hate playing with him even more. He feels downright unfair, when he does well he destroys and when he does poorly he becomes even more useless than he already was in teamfights. You will see this guy split-pushing and killing people all over the place, so in general better be prepared to adapt. Is it worth it to become a very good one trick pony shaco player? In my opinion it isn't, but if you enjoy the champion definitely go for it. Shaclone plays a lot of Shaco and there are some decent guides on for him, so you can look those up (links at the end of the post) **_Good ganks for the creative, decent clear speed, but decent sustain_** *** {{champion:102}} **Shyvana**: Shyvana actually feels a remarkable lot like Master Yi, but then the tankier version. With about equally pronounced power spikes as Yi, on Sated and certain items, she is a solid jungler. A very good duelist, who sadly doesn't do too well in ganks due to a complete lack of CC. Before 6 she barely even has a good way to catch up. Then again, once she hits Frozen mallet + sated + Titanic she _will_ destroy you. Scales pretty well, although she shines in end-mid game, where she doesn't have to deal with absurdly high damage ADC's yet, who she can oneshot regardless. **_Bad ganks, very good clear speed and good sustain / first clear._** *** {{champion:72}} **Skarner**: Skar Skar Skarner! Gotta love that reference. At any rate people don't play Skarner awfully often anymore, and I feel like this is not correct. Skarner is quite good at the moment, with a good clear and amazing presence around the map. Let's not forget how they praised his ult in Season 4 as "When Skarner gets 6 someone _will_ die." which still kind of holds true, at any rate try him out and then you can decide for yourself. He scales very well, albeit in a snowball-y fashion. By the way, as a side note, do _not_ max q on skarner. Instead max E first, then W and then Q. (Credits to Sir Apatosaurus for being a Skarner main and helping me out on this specific champion though, would've completely looked over him otherwise a link to a vid to Skarner below) **_Good ganks, very good clear speed and good sustain._** *** {{champion:223}} **Tahm Kench**: I don't even know if this guy classifies as a jungler any more, but let's go regardless. He actually doesn't have the worst of clears with W dealing a _lot_ of damage to camps, and even though he got the nerfs he deserved you can still play him in the jungle. In my opinion he isn't the best jungler out there, but he still does what needs to be done. Scales relatively well actually, he'll still be the hyper tank with 2 health bars. **_Good ganks, decent clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:48}} **Trundle**: People often forget this guy is actually made for top/jungle I feel like. His passive is absolute perfect for beating up jungle mobs, his Q helps him so much in the jungle and the rest of his kit is just really good for ganking / pathing. I actually adore Trundles kit, although it went kind of wrong with how he's been played at the moment. He scales quite well, and scales even better with the more resistances the opponents have (that ult though). **_Very reliable ganks, good clear speed and good sustain._** *** {{champion:77}} **Udyr**: Unleash your inner G O D Y R. Yeah- let's not do that. On a serious note though, for the love of god don't play like Trick2G does. You have to realise something very important and that is that he is a streamer, he amuses. He is not very useful in his games, which is one of the reasons why he didn't get accepted to any LCS team *awch*. That aside, Udyr is really good at the moment. Even with the nerfs he received in patch 6.4 he still seems rather dominant, although it seems like the Runic Echoes hype will fade a bit, with the 3% movement speed nerf to that aswell. We'll just have to wait and see though. Either way, seems solid. **_Pretty decent ganks, disgustingly good clear speed and very good sustain, albeit mana heavy._** *** {{champion:254}} **Vi**: Vi stands for vicious, and vital? Vitality? Violence! My jokes are here to save the day... or wreck it. All right, I'll stop xD Vi is actually a really good jungler, has always been and will always be. With a point and click monster of an ultimate and a free Q to get in range, or freely hit after the ult, she deals so much damage while locking down a primary target. Not even QSS gets the ult off you, it just cleanses the stun after the knockdown. Vi snowballs really hard, if she gets warriors + trinity early on you're not in for any kind of good time. 6.5 buffs give her a pretty big spike, due to her not maxing E anyways, which definitely gives her _even_ more damage and clear speed. Would recommend trying her at least. **_Good ganks, good clear speed and reasonable speed._** *** {{champion:106}} **Volibear**: He'll smash you bear handed. Ok ok I had my fun all right. Volibear is actually a very deceptive champion in my opinion- which makes him good. His W deals mind blowing amounts of damage, and his passive gives him so much HP if you can wait the whole duration out. With a good kit to clear and gank Voli only lacks one thing: a gap closer / dash. If you can get past that though, by for example picking him against an immobile champion, Volibear is really solid. Outside of that, who doesn't like being a huge, armoured bear running after squishy ADC's? He doesn't scale too well though, sadly, because once ADC's get the items necessary to deal with im (BorK et cetera) he gets a hard time. He peaks at mid game with amazing damage, and as Riot said ".. We made his ultimate bad because the rest of kit already had so much in it..". **_Pretty decent ganks, but as a niche pick he doesn't work against everything, good clear speed and decent sustain._** *** {{champion:19}} **Warwick**: Warwick also seems to be lagging a few season behind, and he does really have his issues, but in my opinion it's perfectly acceptable to pick him in lower ELO's and to learn jungle with. If I had to advise a champion to learn jungle with I'd advise Warwick. With decent clear speeds, amazing godlike sustain, good duelling and 1v1 potential there's little not to love. He's incredibly simply and allows to concentrate on decision making rather than mechanics and gameplay. He actually scales remarkably well, and with Wit's End, Bloodrazor-Sabre he can still close to oneshot people. Definitely try this guy out if you're new to jungling! **_Bad ganks before 6, good ganks after 6. Cd bound though. Good clear speed and godlike sustain._** *** {{champion:62}} **Wukong**: Why did the Wukong dive the Soraka? Because she promised him banana's, and fruit flies like banana. I bet Volibear wouldn't have liked that Zilean joke! (We're almost there, just a little bit more guys) Wukong is actually a really good jungler at the moment, who does suffer from some things such as sustain (both HP and mana) but who is really strong. Full AD Wukongs basically one shot carries without even ulting, and the AS steroid from E, combined with the Q that is an AA reset and reduces armor. He can even use his clone to tank a bit of the camp for him. Really strong in dueling, this "warrior with the heart of a trickster" feels really strong at the moment. He scales really well, and snowballs even harder. His ult is right up there with Fiddlesticks if he's fed, causing complete chaos for the enemy team. **_Good counterganks, can gank well with his W to get a free few meters on their laner (This works especially well for lane ganks) good clear speed, but bad sustain._** *** {{champion:5}} **Xin Zhao**: Xin Zhao is actually a champion I am very unsure about currently. They nerfed him in this 6.4 patch, giving his W less AP healing scaling, and reducing the AS a bit , which might just be enough to balance him out a bit again. A very strong duelist who can either be built with Warrior, Bloodrazor _or_ Cinderhulk. I would strongly advise playing around with him for a bit. He kind of feels like Shaco though, as in in teamfights he's not the best with a non-tank build. He can one shot squishies with the right build though, if you're interested in that. Snowballs pretty hard, but he falls off without items / income. **_Good ganks, pretty good clear speed and decent sustain, which becomes good if you max his W second._** *** {{champion:154}} **Zac**: He was made for this, literally. Zac is very strong in a multitude in roles at the moment, and I feel like a maxed out E lunges you so far that he allows you to take completely different jungle routes. I really like him, and his kit, and like Wukong he can cause for complete chaos with his ult in fights. **_Feels really strong at the moment, especially as an immortal tank. Has good diving potential with his passive, too. Scales well, and even though he kind of suffers from being behind, he can still do a lot with a good E-R._** *** {{champion:143}} **Zyra**: A special shout out to Zyra, who is actually really fun to play and suprisingly good. She can let her plants tank the camp if you kill the little minions first, which makes her a remarkably viable jungler. Wouldn't really recommend it for your SoloQ games though, but try it out in normal games! She is kind of prone to counter jungling, however, and her early clearly is not the best. After she gets Runic Echoes she gets a lot of damage + clear speed though, so give her a shot! ^^ **_Mediocre ganks, good clear speed and good sustain if used correctly._** *** _Clear calls, good plans -Aphromoo 2014_ Before you go into the jungle you should think about what you want to achieve in this particular game, and how you're gonna achieve it. as I said before, "enlightenment" comes through thinking about the game, something especially lower ELO junglers completely disregard. As a jungler you still have an opponent- your counterpart. Jungling, in a way, is laning: You have an opponent you need to out-do, a team to carry and fun to have. If you do not find any fun in jungling you should probably drop it, because at the end of the day it's the least exciting role most of the time. At any rate, in my opinion a jungler who flex picks is the best jungler. You are the most impactful force on your team depending on how you play, because you can influence the most lanes. And depending on how you feel towards your ELO you can do this in multiple ways: 1. You can go full carry, and disregard your team (This very much so fits picks such as Yi and Shyv) 2. You can gank a lot, but take the kills because you can carry your team (This fits champions such as Nidalee and Elise) 3. You can gank a lot, give a lot a way so your team can carry you through the later phases of the game (This fits, normally tankier champions, such as Sejuani, tank Amumu, tank Mundo et cetera) Depending on your pick your playstyle should drastically change. How much are you prepared to leech off of your laner after a gank (How many waves are you gonna stay to compensate for the gank), how much are you going to gank? How much time are you prepared to wait in a bush to pull off a counter gank / gank? I feel like you should come up with a strategy in champion select, estimate matchups and act accordingly. Imagine you have a such a team comp: {{champion:54}} VS {{champion:36}} {{champion:64}} VS {{champion:113}} {{champion:7}} VS {{champion:4}} {{champion:51}} VS {{champion:67}} {{champion:40}} VS {{champion:16}} You are the Lee Sin, and then we start thinking. We know that Sejuani does not have the best first clear, and in general isn't very strong early game. However Lee Sin is really good in the early game and wants to snowball. Then you have the choice between four things: Ganking toplane --> What does this give me? A potential kill. However, does it matter whether Malphite gets ahead in this matchup? Odds are that the lane is so static by nature that it doesn't matter whether Malphite gets a kill, he wont be able to abuse his advantage due to the matchup. With that you might not have enough damage to actually even kill the Mundo because Malphite can't help that much. Ganking midlane --> Ganking Twisted Fate is rather easy, due to him being squishy and having no escape whatsoever. If Leblanc starts snowballing she can easily start solo killing the Twisted Fate due to the nature of the lane being so in favor for Leblanc by default. Added bonus for getting midlane ahead because midlane can help you pressure, since it's so central. Also, once Twisted has used flash he has _nowhere to go at all._ Thus ganking and "just" getting a flash is perfectly fine! That means your kill pressure tenfolded for the next 5 minutes. Ganking botlane --> There is absolutely no kill pressure here and looking at the lane Caitlyn will probably end up pushing a lot. Dives aren't too interesting in SoloQ, however, it might be an interesting lane to keep an eye out for. Sejuani might try to gank, which you could countergank. Get some wards around here to keep your lane safe and prepare for a potential counter gank. Counter jungling --> A very viable option, due to most lanes in the bottom side of the map being stronger, and probably pushing. However, still be careful because you could very well get collapsed on. So from this we know it's in general a good idea to stay around botside, warn Malphite of our intentions to not gank his lane, and focus on mid lane, counter jungling and staying around botlane. In some games it's harder / more complicated to create plans, and they might not always be correct, but my favourite saying is still "It is better for five people to commit to a bad plan, than for four to commit to a good one." You are playing in a team, be friendly towards your teammates and let them know what you're going to do, what you're planning to do and what your goals are. Some people will be more respectful towards this than others, but they have the right to know you're not ganking toplane. Sometimes you simply have to make decisions and stick to them, as that is better than making decisions on the fly. Slightly off-topic, but as an avid chess player I know some sayings that are popular in chess. One of them is "Chess is 99% tactics." -Teichman. Although this is obviously an exaggeration, and it doesn't completely apply for jungling in League, the exaggeration is what makes you think about how much tactics do influence the game: In my opinion a damn lot. *** At any rate, after applying this tactic/logic multiple times you'll notice that you actually get better at estimating matchups, champion strenghts and plans in general. However- be open to change your opinion and often talk with people who are better than you are. If you see Malphite consistently losing to Mundo you might indeed want to correct your opinion of it being a static lane, with little kill pressure. If you are not open to admit that you were wrong then you will continue to be wrong- and continue to _not_ improve. I will make a bold statement, because they are fun and they challenge you to think, but ELO hell doesn't exist. There you have it, it simply doesn't. ELO hell is a state of mind, a concept to filter your anger and frustration on, an **_excuse_** that is accepted. People who complain about ELO hell don't get better at this game, because they're not blaming themselves enough, but I suppose that is another subject completely. I am willing to discuss this with you, but keep in mind that getting better is disgarding pride and ego in favour of improvement. If you are not willing to do this you should probably not be reading guides, because at the end you still think _you know best._ Which, quite frankly, no one does. No one knows best. Well then, this turned rather grim quickly. Summoner spells on Junglers: To be honest you should always be going like Flash-Smite. There are some exceptions, such as Hecarim and Shaco being able to go Ignite-Smite. I have even seen some Shyvanas go exhaust-smite. You do however have to realize that you're impairing yourself on for example invades, due to the lack of the lack of escape. I would advise to just play around with them, and get a feel for what is strong and what you like. Just because something has a good winrate does not mean it has to work for you, and it's a game. Allow yourself to have fun, even in ranked. For everyone with ranked anxiety, these few lines probably won't fix that issue for you, but it's really not that intimidating. Being placed might not be fun, and it's a choice you make, but at the end of the I assure you you will be placed at the right ELO. I remember my first Ranked Game, where I didn't even know what CS meant. Do not rush going into ranked- there is no point in that- but especially with the new dynamic queue just get some friends and _aim_ to have a good time. Do not priortize the game and winning as the only important thing. However, if you can only find fun in winning, this might not be the game for you. Extraordinarily good players might get an 80% win rate, but that still means they're losing games. _This is not a game you'll always win, even if you deserve it._ However, an important other note is clearing without doing any buffs. This has multiple merits to it, being: It's very hard for other jungler to counter jungle you, as he normally waits for you at your buffs and tries to steal them, but you don't take- or need them. It's a very fast clear, the buffs are the tankiest monsters in the jungle and thus take the longest time to kill. If you skip them you get through the jungle way faster. Especially good on weak junglers, who can clear through the jungle with little to no trouble. So in general it's simply a very safe way to go about your jungle, especially when you're afraid of being counter jungled. The buffs aren't _that_ important anyways, especially when you're not aiming to gank early game. If the enemy jungler does not commit to taking them, then that simply means you have an even greater uptime on your buffs when you do take them, after backing. It's basically a win-win situation for weak early game junglers. *** _The difference between your jungle and the opponent's jungle is the state of the game_ I'm going to keep this relatively short, because there's not an awful lot to be said. You have to try and spend your time as efficiently as possible, which means that you have to have a lot of information you can work with. How to gain this information? Wards, wards & vision. If you're gonna counterjungle atleast bring wards with you to ward their jungle up, pick up the Raptors buff to know whether they spotted you or not and don't stay for too long. If you get collapsed on you'll most likely end up feeding a lane of theirs, which is double negative, and no this is not math: multiplicating them doesn't make it a positive. Try to keep up with levels of the enemy jungler, and if you notice you're getting outleveled _farm._ There is no point in running around, trying to gank when you're 2-3 levels down. Worst case scenario: You get counterganked and you both die, because the other jungler is just that much stronger. Best case scenario: You get a kill, but you're still getting heavily outleveled and kills ganks / kills aren't that interesting XP wise. However, do tell your team you're underleveled and not trying to gank, get a Tracker's Knife or whatever and ward up for your team instead. You can still deny the other jungler with sufficient vision, knowledge, while you just farm up and make the difference smaller. Play-making only works for so long, and if you're aiming for a consistently high win-rate you should know when to stop trying to solo carry. Being carried is sometimes just fine, and although it might not feel great, it's a win regardless. A full clear versus one camp, two buffs and a gank is this by the way: One camp and two buffs is generally way better. Do this on early game junglers such as Lee and force that Twisted Fate Flash! You can even do one camp, one buff and then swing around to rift herald and gank botlane. Jungling is primarily tactics and adapting to how the game is playing out, and you gain this knowledge / skill through... practice. It's a cliche, I know, but it's a thing for a reason. You normally go for a full clear on champions that can and if you feel like you can't really gank or countergank. This happens very rarely, and I would not really say that you should _ever_ do a full clear as it is very selfish. If you are confident you can solo carry do keep in mind you might meet fed opponents due to you never ganking. If someone on the enemy team gets fed, and you are a jungler, please keep your comments to yourself. You are, one way or the other, most likely responsible. With an attitude that _you_ are responsible you'll be a lot less toxic and more likely to improve. Find mistakes in victory and defeat, but try and enjoy the game enough to keep it a game. *** _Because you look really stupid when you throw your bomb at 1.30_ There are a few basic things and some more advanced ones to cover here. Minions spawn at 1:15 Mid minions crash at ~1:38 Bot and top minions crash at ~1:48 (This is why bot- and toplane normally help, because they have 10 more seconds before their minions hit eachother) *** All camps spawn at 1:40 All basic camps (Krugs, Gromp, Wolves and Raptors) - 1:40 minutes to respawn Rift Scuttler's ward remains for 1:15 minutes Rift Scuttler respawns after 3:00 minutes Brambleback (Red)Buff - 5:00 minutes Golem (Blue) Buff - 5:00 minutes Rift Herald spawns at 4:00 minutes Rift Herald takes 5:00 minutes to respawn Rift Herald de-spawns at 19:40 minutes Dragon - 6:00 minutes Baron Nashor - 7:00 minutes *** I tested these all myself, and I can confirm they are correct. If you disagree with them feel free to post, but that'd have to be a major mess-up on my part, which I deem unlikely. Smiting any camp gives you a buff: Smiting blue buff gives you mana Smiting red buff gives you health Smiting Krugs gives you a buff, that stuns monsters every 5 AA's. (Kog jungle thrives off of this with W) Smiting Gromp gives you a _very_ useless buff, that gives you a "coat" which deals a little poison damage to anyone who attacks you Smiting Raptors gives you a buff that gives you Oracles when you're spotted by a ward, extraodinarily useful for ganks / counterjungling. Foxdrop did a good video on this, video at the end of the post) Smiting Wolves gives you a spirit that'll alert you if an enemy walks in your jungle. Primarily use this for later stages in the game, or when you're getting counterjungled really badly Rift scuttler smite gives nothing (I know :/ although if you smite it when it's stunned or rooted (hard CC) it takes 25% increased damage from **all ** sources so in the early ranks you can smite it for the bonus damage for speed if need be) Smiting the major objectives such as Drake, Baron and Rift don't give you anything, but keep in mind that the last hit on a camp gives you the camp, so use smite to secure- or steal these objectives! *** _Because everyone loves lists, right?_ I was watching Aeron Vertígal the other day, an Ahri player, matters little, but he said something very sensible. "All these low ELO players use tier lists as their bibles, anything that is on that tier list they will play, and hate everyone who picks something that is not on that tier list. It's probably why they are and stay in low ELO." I agree to this a lot. Look, you've gotta find a champion that fits your style, and tier lists are really useful.. up to a degree. This is not God, nor is it the bible. We're most likely atheists anyways- at any rate: See these picks as suggestions, _feel free to play what you want though._ If anyone comments on your pick then leave them be, pick champions that fit you, don't make yourself play champions you don't want to, nor like. That said here is **my** tier list, my list my opinion,: T1: Nidalee, Elise, Rek'Sai, Graves, Wukong, Rengar, Udyr, Quinn. T2: Zac, Trundle, Skarner, Kindred, Volibear, Poppy, Nautilus, Kha'Zix, Ekko. T3: Master Yi, Shyvana (I just really dislike Bloodrazorjunglers) Honorouble mentions to Lee Sin, Shaco & Evelynn. If you are good with these champions they are T1, but they are hard to play and master! *** _Or a conclusion, they come down to the same_ I feel like a good jungler can easily turn a game around, although it might be trickiest role to play. Like said before, jungling is decision making. When you're jungling try to inform your team as much as possible, and then you'll be just fine! I don't like jungling that much, because I prefer a constant amount of pressure that you have when in lane, against other laners. However, I feel like jungle is not in the worst of spots right now. Especially the Runic Echoes changed many junglers for the better. Although I would recommend jungling in Team Rankeds rather than Soloq, as it is more fun and feels more interative. Early game junglers are basically the best right now for the sole reason that "Open mid" is a thing. Tiltlords everywhere, that do not only tilt themselves but also their team. It's a bit cheesy, but hey a win is a win? *** _Because you inspired me to make this_ Pff, after seeing that my other botlane guide hit 1k views (currently on 1.3k even!) I felt like I had to finish this one. And boy- one all nighter further and a lot of conversations, videos & streams further I feel like _I_ got a lot better at jungling too. Talking about things, especially trying to explain them, makes you realise how little you actually know. I do know that I had some fun writing this one. Special thanks to Rouen, Insane TOTO and Sir Apatosaurus and Hige the Wolf for helping me with some information, and amusing me enough to write this one over the course of 2 days. If this one reaches the same amount of attention the last one received I'll write my next guide rather quickly too, although that's just wait and see I suppose. So yet again, thank you so much if you made it _all_ the way here, because Word Counter tells me that it should take you 38 mins of reading to get here... I might have gone slightly overboard. I hope to see you on the Rift, Summoner! -Cey [Shakarez' Youtube channel, Kayle player and gives some generally good tips]( ) [Some general tips you might want to read through for additional, more specific information]( ["How to counter Rengar in 3 rules"_ _ By Dong Huap]( [Foxdrop explaining a quick tip on Raptor's smite buff]( [More explanation about why Raptor buff is so good]( ["Skarner, a brief pitch" By Vuvu AKA Sir Apatosaurus]( [Intelligent streamer, jungler, who has a really informative stream]( [I'm not really a fan of Nightblue, but he knows what he's doing and explains rather well. Bonus points for having played with him before? Casual Brag Kappa]( [More general jungling stuff, with some useful statistics however such as XP per camp et cetera]( [He does really informative jungling commentary, with complete timings and opinions on a lot of champions]( [My stream, if anyone cares, I stream ocassionally and mainly botlane](
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