(Weird Bugs) I have discovered my favorite champion in League, now i don't need a decent team.

I played Yi back in season 5 when i was unranked but jesus fking christ that champ is amazing.{{champion:11}} the champion feels amazing, it suits my style perfectly, going in and doing as much as possible before i do die. _**HOWEVER**_ Sometimes when i'm going to slice up the enemy teams poor helpless adc Yi... well... just STOPS FKING MOVING It's so annoying, it's not because of creeps or because i input a command (and i'm sure it's not my games fault) this happens all the time along with numerous other bugs that annoy me: 1: Being hit in Alpha 2: Alpha putting me back where i cast it. 3: Alpha only jumping to 1 target. 4: Alpha doing no damage (extremely rare) 5: Meditate cancelling when i input a command that shouldn't cancel it e.g. pressing TAB (extremely rare) 6: Meditate not giving me the damage reduction (usually after being hit with a stun it applies the stun before the damage so the stun does 100% of damage) 7: E not giving true damage on my auto's (especially bugged at high attack speed with my double strike) 7.5: The auto after double strike sometimes doesn't crit or apply the E effect. 8: Ult makes Yi stand still when it ends. 9: Ult doesn't lower the cooldown of my alpha in certain situations (usually if i ult straight out of alpha) FINAL 10: Yi sometimes (very common) stopps attacking without command and when paired with the standing still bug it makes me look like a loony in the middle of lane. Also on a final note not all of these bugs happen to other people so would uninstalling and reinstalling fix my issue? P.S it's way to easy to cancel auto's in league in the current season. {{champion:11}} "You can't be good at Yi, he's easier than Sona. Yi is for level 3 players who cant afford champs like Zed and Akali" - Some stupid Yasuo {{champion:157}} player.

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