removed no ban option

valid reasons as to why i think this was a bad call. there are now 10 bans... meaning 10 possible champs that will not be picked. a good 4 or 5 of these are seen every game more bans just reduce what i can pick from. the reason we have pick order is so we can change / counter / adapt our team... i have less chance of doing that now that im forced to ban something i don't want to. Those that argue there are too many op / toxic champs... thats not a valid reason... to FIX that is not to remove them from game.... it actually gives us less opportunity to see what the actual problem is because they see less game time. those that argue ranked is about increasing your chances to maximum etc of winning. players have proved time and time again, its more about what you do with what you have, than playing a specific meta in a specific way as best you can... we have variety so that the game is not who can achieve mechanical excellence and play this specific best way of playing in the best way. all you are doing is handicapping your own game. people brought more champs and they brought more bans.... just fix what you think is broken, and give us the opportunity to say when we feel that thing's are fine (people don't tend to say when the game is balanced, they just tell you when they don't think it is) no ban for me means i don't feel the game is too unbalanced that i need to remove an aspect of it to improve on my chances of winning. forced ban to me means the people that decided they don't want to learn how to deal with a certain champ / nor learn what they actually think is broken about it and post a comment are having the game tailored to them.

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