TFT 'bad' items.

I've tested some of the **BAD** items in TFT like: Cursed Blade, Hush , Sword Breaker, Runaan's Hurricane and Red Buff. Not all are as bad as they seem. The comp i've tested those items were 5 Gunslingers and whatever else. Why gunslingers only? Well they can hit everybody and that might increase the passive of the items easier/ more frequent. These items + Ranger comp sounds interesting but those are good anyways and if they hit 1 unit over and over it just will reapply the debuff and the 1 unit will die anyways. 1.** Red Buff** is a solid item. The healing removal is great against Darius , Nida , and mostly against golems. Redbuff with gunslingers is great. 1 auto on every enemy unit makes the item very solid. Every single one gets no healing and take some damage. You would be surprised how strong it is on graves especially. 1 auto aplies the damage + debuff on 4-5 units. And imagine 4 autos on 4-5 units. 10% max hp damage + no healing on 4-5 units just from 1 item. 2. **Runaan's Hurricane** is a terrible item. The 2 additional targets you hit with the item does not stack statikk shiv, blood thirster , rageblade or Gunslinger passive. Those 2 additional attack do not apply any debuff ( redbuff , cursed blade, silence , disarm ). Here is an advice : **Do NOT BUILD Runaan's Hurricane**, it's a waste of spatula. I think the item should do everything I just mention it does not. That would make it a solid item. Or at least playable. 3. 4. 5.** Cursed Blade , Hush , Sword Breaker**. All these 3 are not that good. The chance to apply the debuff is too low, same goes for the duration , too low. This 3 items won't help you win but they are useful sometimes . Most of the time I had them on a champ and the disarm / silence didn't feel helpful at all. Neither of those effects have ever helped me win a round. The base stats from the items make them even worse. Yes they will disarm enemy units , yes they will silence , but those 2 effects are not relevant. A silenced vayne or a silenced/ disarmed garen after he starts his spin is irrelevant. The duration is too low 2-3 seconds. Those items need a buff. Double the duration of the effect or double the chances of the effect. This seems a huge buff, but keep in mind silence won't do a thing on Vayne or Kassadin. The shrink effect is bad. A stun is better. If you shrink an enemy unit it loses damage and max hp , but after the effect he heals back. It's not like he lost hp and won't get it back. This item has not once been useful. It does apply the effect but won't be of any use. Here is another advice: **DO NOT BUILD Cursed Blade** . Glacial is way better than this. If you made these items work. Please tell me the comp you used and on what champ you put the items on. And by 'made those work' I don't mean have other 4-5 super strong items on your comp and assume those helped you win.
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