A day into Rakan & Xayah: what nerfs - if any - are they going for on them, next patch?

We all had that intense Rakan & Xayah day, yesterday, either playing them or facing them all the times. So we all experienced the pain of that duo. Do you think ('cause usually new champions are overpowered) they are going to nerf 'em next patch? If yes, why and what about them? From my point of view, {{champion:498}} 's feathers are uncontrollable you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and she casts her E and billions of feathers come back to her (even if damage is only 10%ish?) but you get blocked easily. A part from that Xayah didn't seem much OP to me, really. But {{champion:497}}. Oh my God that champion. Here's the things they're going to nerf on him for sure: - His scaling AP shield from passive (one game I had 800+ shield going not even full AP!!!!!) - His healing to himself (even to others maybe) from the Q - His W's damage - Doubled cast time on his E - Cooldown and damage (on full AP) about his ultimate Everything's wrong with that guy, but in an extremely good way! I love him so much. Your thoughts?
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