Does Riot Hate Their 2016 (also 2014/15) Champions?

This might sound like a silly question and discussion to make, but I can't help but feel like Riot really dislikes the majority of their champions released in 2016 - and by extension, some of their more innovative Champions from 2014 and 2015. Between {{champion:202}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:164}}, Jhin is the only Champion is this handful that seems to receive any sort of love from Riot, since he's received three skins after his release (four if you include in the SKT one). {{champion:136}} has only got one skin since his release, over two years later. {{champion:163}} hasn't even got another skin since her release (unless you include SSG skin that Riot were forced to make). {{champion:240}} also had to wait for over two years to get another skin. {{champion:427}} was waiting for almost three years for his second skin. {{champion:164}} got another skin just under two years later, and she was arguably a fairly popular Champion prior to getting it. Other Champions from 2014 and 2015 have had similar neglect. {{champion:161}} has had two more skins since his release, but has been at a standstill for over three years now. {{champion:429}} has never had a new skin that hasn't been related to esports (maybe Championship Kalista counts, but it's still been four years since). {{champion:421}} got a skin half a year after launching, but hasn't got anything for over four years. {{champion:203}} received a skin just under a year later, and they've got nothing for over three years {{champion:420}} was stuck with her release skin for two and a half years until Riot were pressured into creating one with the community. And there are plenty of other Champions who seem to be in skin limbo too. I get that Champion popularity plays a big role in determining which Champions will get skins. We all know that: it's how Riot needs to sustain a company when they're constantly working on a Free-to-Play game. I'm not suggesting that Riot gives all Champions equal treatment and the same sort of love that Champions like {{champion:99}} ,{{champion:157}}, {{champion:202}}, {{champion:145}} get, but surely they wouldn't abandon these other Champions just because they aren't played as frequently. One would've thought that {{champion:429}}, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:203}} would have received ATLEAST one more skin by now, but apparently not. It seems like it's been up until very recently that Riot has given a few quality of life changes and alterations to less popular Champions, such as how {{champion:421}}, {{champion:136}}, {{champion:240}}, {{champion:72}}, {{champion:77}} have been given a few buffs/mini reworks. Is it just a coincidence that a large number of Riot's Champions released in season 4 - 6 haven't turned out to be very successful in terms of playrate - especially the 2016 Champions? I just can't help but feel sorry for the Champions that Riot don't seem to care about, just because they aren't as popular. It ever so slightly pains me to see Champions like {{champion:84}}, {{champion:39}} get more than one skin in the space of less than a year (plus a prestige one), for {{champion:145}} to have a total of four skins to choose from (not including the prestige one) after being out for just over one year, meanwhile {{champion:516}} is still waiting for a new skin even after getting a mini rework, and {{champion:77}} is the longest standing Champion without a new skin, for well over four years, and only has four: the same amount as Kai'Sa. I'm probably the only {{champion:555}} main who's genuinely annoyed that he's already getting his third skin - and a legendary at that, when other Champions desperately need a new skin more than he does. Does anyone else agree/disagree with me, or have any other thoughts that might enlighten me to something that I haven't considered?

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