Did the support role change much?

I've been a support main for 6 seasons now, and I'm the type of player that only plays ranked until I reach a goal I planned for the season, so I only play a few weeks of ranked each season. So last year I felt like I had a huge impact on the game as a support, so climbing was quite easy. But this season I tried playing a few games as support, and I felt like I had almost no impact on the game. Did something fundamental change about the role, maybe my support champion pool is weak in this meta, or did I just get washed up as a support player? Interesting part is that I changed my main role to mid, and it feels so much easier and more impactful than support does, even though I have like 10 times more practice on support than I do on mid. I'm doing a lot better on mid. Is there something I'm missing?
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