My Story + (How to Actually improve at League by Dong Huap) Is it sad that I do all the things that he talked about in the video for a long time and yet I still suck compare to my friend that started playing league months after I did and dose non of this, he never watches streams or YouTube videos he doesn't know what do 90% of the items do he plays 3 games a day and yet he managed to get silver 1 and I barely got silver 3 to make matters even worst I got demoted back to silver 5 and the fact that he never shuts the fuck up about it with his stupid passive aggressive comments... but he is actually a really nice guy outside of are countless competitions (sports,school,lol...) he wins all of them btw... league was my chance and I blew it{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} any advice is gratly apriciated
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