Zyra needs a skin!

So tens of champions came out after Zyra and most of them already have more skins than Zyra. That might be normal because some of them are more popular or whatever, but Ekko came out, hasn't even been a complete year and he already has more skins than Zyra. And SKT T1 skin doesn't even count, because it's a team skin and it's not for everyone, maybe only for SKT fans. Now Zyra is played almost every game in Worlds, she's reworked and she's actually in meta as both a mid-laner and a support. Isn't it time she got a skin?! Lulu and Tristana keep getting skins, and awesome skins too, Star Guardian, Pool Party, Dragon Trainer. I loved the model update on the classic skin and it was an opportunity to update the skins too but they didn't. Now my favorite is the classic one but I want to use skins! _**Because obviously skins give you skills and everyone knows that, duh! **_
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