Matchmaking is unfair?

Hey guys! So lately I found the normal game matchmaking unfair. I am in silver 3 right now, and in normal games, I get teammates and enemies from gold 5 to dia 3. So I just want to ask, like what the actual hell is this? I mean I can feel that I'm the worst one every single game, even when I play with a champion I can play well, and I would be great with him/her in my elo. When I tried new champs, and learning mechanics of a specific champion, I realized that it is really difficult because my opponents are always way better, than me, and in most cases we have a teammate who doesn't seem aware of what he is doing, so our team always has a nice disadvantage. I just don't understand, why can't I play with players from my elo instead of these gold-dia people. Yesterday there was a challenger on the enemy team(VG Pun1sher). I was not mad as I knew we would lose, but come on...How am I supposed to practice champions if not in normal games?

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