How is it OK?

Why RITO thinks that it's fine to match a team with all 5 finished promotional games and other team with 2 unrannked players with 0 games played? Besides that putting those 2 unnraked ones on botlane (obviously they fed hard). And there's few reasons why this shouldn't happen. 1st they should start getting matched against irons if they win, then bronzes if they win then goldies and so on.2nd Getting paired with higher elo players they could get carried and get undeserved placement and with that they would ruin even more games especially with that protection from demotion... I would even add that RANKED SHOULD GIVE AND TAKE AWAY LP DEPENDING ON YOUR KDA not only for win or lose. If you lose a game having 30 5 40 just cuz ur team can't do much how's it's ok to lose LP when ur the only one playing - makes no sense {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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