"you are repsonsible for your losing streaks" i call bullshit.

3 games ago i have had an AFKer. Could not remake, because that guy decided to dc AFTER connecting. Nothing really could be done about this 2 games ago i have crushed my lane. And so did bot, mid was even. things were going ok, untill ADC and jungler got into a flame war with one another with the jungler deciding to "punish" us with intentional feeding, shaclone style. To manifest the fact that this is not a concern- ADC joined the process. Our nexus collapsed before 15 minute mark. A game ago, things started in our favor. With Janna, Ekko and Mundo we have had a very nice "protect the twitch" team composition. However, twitch was constantly unhappy with his gold and tried to solo things, falling for obvious baits and impossible 1v1s. Leaving us as "protect the Twitch" team composition that was missing an actual Twitch. please, tell me again how you win when you deserve to win and lose when you deserve to lose.
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