Mordekazer will probobly end up too nerfed soon.

So just want to throw it out there. For some reason Mordekazer has one of the highest kills in pre 15 of all champions. I feel this is one of the reasons he has super large winrate, which is what Riot is looking at when nerfing champions. The thing is, his early game pre 15 is actually really weak, since his animations are really slow and very predictable. So I have a feeling his k/min is so high only cause people are unused to play against him. Atm he is a cheese champion at best which is the only reason why he is winning. If people got used to his playstyle in 2-3 weeks his winrate will probobly be the same as Akali's. I'm not speaking from a "one-trick Mord" opinion. Simply looked at esport and seeing how every Mordekaiser fails to win.
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