[Ranked Games] Chat/Team Composition Problem

**What is the problem?** As it always has been, in ranked games the roles are decided by who picks first/ writes his role in chat. However, this system is pretty flawed: a) players who connect a bit later will not see early chat messages and might not know what to pick when its their turn b) players who are afk and come back when they have to pick do not always see what is their role (example: there would be a lulu/sona/etc mid, and the guy coming back thinks its a support and picks mid himself) c) players who just do not read the chat do not follow what has been aggreed on by the rest d) if someone cannot speak english, its possible they cannot pick up on more complex info (like people switching champions later) e) players sometimes cannot write/read fast enough or make so many typos that the message cannot be understood This means that one player, even if he/she is not trolling, can completely screw up your game from the start. While i can only speak from personal experience, these games tend to be far more often lost than won. Thus, the ELO system can not gauge the players abilities accordingly - which is its purpose. To give it back its purpose, we need countermeasures for these cases. **What can Riot do about it?** It can introduce a system which does not require reading, is faster than typing and can be understood regardless of language: **role signs**. - Introduce a role calling system with signs in addition to the chat. - During Champ selection, there should be 5 role signs next to each Player Icon. - Your signs cannot be seen by the enemy team. - Before entering a ranked game, these 5 role signs will pop up and you are allowed to unmark 1 of the 5 roles to show which one you do not want to play (you can leave all marked of course). This will remain unmarked during champ select. - The matchmaking system will then try to find a team which possesses at least 1 of every role and suggest your team role by highlighting it red/blue (if in colourblind mode). - Once in champ selection, your are then able to highlight your preferred role (highlighted in Silver). - Once someone picked a champion, he is forced to confirm the role which he/she plays. This will appear in green/blue (if in colourblind mode). This way, even if someone comes in late and regardless of language, the person will be instantly be able to see who plays what. Also, since you are only allowed to not play one role (rather than choosing 1 explicit role) this matchmaking system should still be a lot faster than the team builder. What do you think: _Should Riot introduce this (or at least something along these lines)?_ _Do you have better ideas?_
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