Vlad is Dead.

I know i have bad ENG :) so im sry in advance Well as a main vlad (max i reach with him so far is diamond) but still i have tones of games on him. Now that the spell Vamp is dead , u canOut play hes E , and Q have longer Cd. so what happen is that, *There is more time to react to vlad plays, Since u can see hes E coming. * Q have longer CD. * u cant really build him Full AP cuz well ur all in (and usually a top laner) * u cant build him as a TANK cuz u have a skill with 3-4 sec cd that will take 10% of ur hp. - Vlad doing so much dmg to him self thats so unfair he actually should have assist when he die. he actually doing at least 30% dmg to him self on engage. - Dont tell me hes Q is a sustain the cd and every thing, ill do few more games before ill ask refunds for my skins he used to be able to play as an all in champ but now the E and every thing around it is just to slow so if ur going in ull probably die. What do you think of him now ?

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