Is it allowed? I just faced this guy in ranked I'm only Silver 2 and I don't claim to be very good but this guy is 57-0 on pantheon 100% win rate...He is clearly smurfing It's no wonder some people can't get out of bronze or silver the amount of smurfers in these ranks is out of control. And no I'm not saying I'm good enough to be getting out of these elo's but it is really impossible to tell when I'm facing players like this, I will admit it doesn't happen often maybe a few times a day but it is still damaging and it happens enough to be a problem. And since i'm writing this I may as well post something else that I have an issue with, The amount of people leaving lobbies even in ranked is just crazy the penalty needs to be greater imo it can take sometimes up to 20 minutes to find a game due to lobby leavers and then because i've revealed my champion I then have to cancel queue and wait another 3 minutes otherwise that champ gets banned by the players that seen what i was going to pick in that previous lobby. This has happened a number of times over a few hour period for a few days now. Leaving a lobby should count as a complete loss and not just a 3LP which clearly isn't an effective deterrent.
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