No one wants to play Tank.

I main support, very often i see jungler AND top pick an assassin champion. Must I always pick tank as a support? How beneficial is it to have a tank vs to have no tank. Would some champs that aren't tanks per say can substitute tanks? What I mean by substituting a tank is: For example, could zilean be a possible choice since he can stun multiple people and "hold them". Cause the purpose of tank is of course to soak damage and disrupt, but a zilean can stun and do the same thing a different way (by stunning them). Could that be considered as a substitute for a tank on a team? He also resurects, so any champ has 1.5x health (since after resurection its 0.5x) effectively making your teammates more "tanky". Are there any other champions that would do this well? Or I am totally wrong on how this works? Thank you all for answers and input, it is really helping.
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