having impact on the game as a mage?

Hi! I'm a newbie silver 5. I play mostly hybrid damage -utility mages in the midlane and support (Lux, orianna, morgana, sona , nami..). This season I struggle way more in being incisive in my games. When I win lane I often end up loosing the game and when I win the game I often don't feel at all like the victory was my doing. In general I feel like AP champions have a way lesser impact than ADs (even looking enemy teams), aside from their cc and peeling capabilities.. But even those are instruments to allow your own AD to be better. Damage wise all my burst is useless when ads get guardian angel, let alone if they throw a maw/mercurial/eon/dd in their build. I'd like some advice on how to be more effective individually on my favorite champions.. Or should I just switch role/champions to feel more agency in my game? I've happened to loose games when I was 20/3 and I was feeling like I was completely powerless. I don't mind having to teamwork but in an elo when your average ally is generally not able to perform even basic actions it can be really frustrating, especially when I don't feel able to punish properly the enemy team for the same thing without follow up.

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